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    "Come on..." Spears and swords, sticking up from being stabbed into the ground, some lying below on the ground as well as the shields sleeping with them, "...do I really need to kill you all..." Hundreds of bodies lying there, fresh cuts on all, some of the bodies not having half of themselves, "...or can we solve this another way?" Said this one man, standing with his back to the cemetery, though, he was staring at an army of a thousand or more enemies.

    This man sighed as a breeze passed. Hiis black tattered cape fluttered, he wore torn black pants, with fresh blood on them. He had no shirt, having some scars annd fresh, bleeding cuts. He took his right hand, bringing it up and placed it on his head. His long black hair hung two inches past his shoulders, and bangs, which were an inch past his chin, seemed to go to the left, covering the left side of his face. His right hand covered the right side of his face for the moment. Both his hands had finger-less black gloves, that also seemed torn.

    The man sighed once more, taking his hand away from his head and stared at the army ahead that consisted of both demons and humans with his grey colored eye.

    "I already destroyed over a hundred of your men, why continue?" the man said to the leader of this army. The leader, which was in a black cloak, said nothing as he raised a hand and thrusted it forward, a signal, and the army charged forward at the man before them. The man ran back at them, leaving his right hand behind him. In a faint red flash, a sword appeared in his hand before he sent it at an enemy with a slash and two swords clashed.

    "Ugh...!" Another usual day, same as any other, the same dream. A boy rose up quickly from the bed he was in, beads of sweat on his face, "That same dream...or nightmare..."