• "Hey, Power, where'd you get the sweater?" asks the most popular girl at my school, Hannah. I ignore her to the best of my ability, barely flinching at the sound of my name.

    "Power! Tell me where you got the sweater! I had one just like it when I was, like, 2! I even had a photo, but I sent it in to a fashion magazine in Italy for their Fashion Don'ts section! It only costs $2,000!"

    That is when I snapped.

    "Hannah, wanna come with me to the Grand Canyon? I bet you SOO wanna try cliff diving! I could help you! You'd go first, but I would SOO follow you to make sure you died! My mom would SOO save me, but since you are SOO evil, you would SOO die!" I say in the rudest tone I can pull off intentionally. I mean, it is easier to be rude accidentally for some reason. It gets me in an abundance of trouble.

    I could tell from Hannah's expression that she was substantially enraged.

    "You are SOO in trouble now! You know how my mom is OUR teacher, so she will SOO get you suspended! Or are you going to hypnotize her or something, little Goody-Two Shoes."

    Then, she walked to the teacher's lounge.

    There is a reason I never get suspended. I am definitely not a goody-two shoes. Not even close. I have an IEP, so I can't get suspended for something related to what is on the IEP. Though my parents always fly off the handle after I do something wrong that would have gottem me suspended.

    I don't understand why Hannah picks on me just for not being popular. If I wanted to be popular, I would have tried my hardest from the minute I walked into the doors of 6th grade. I would have fooled them, too. I am an excellent actress. I often wonder why I don't ask my parents to let me act. Maybe because it would make me too popular.

    Anyway, popular girls never get to breathe. They always have to be surrounded by people, and have all the boys crushing on them. Hannah, as of right now, was with fellow Miss Popularity Mia-Cara (whose name literally means My Beloved), and her boyfriend Andrew. I knew that, since Andrew was a straight A student like me, that he couldn't really like Hannah. What boy with any intellect at all would fall for her? She is rude, ugly (okay, maybe that is me being biased), and has a heart made of black ice. Who would want to be in a black chunk of frozen water?

    Popular girls have friends, I know, but so do I. I have a friend named Leah. Leah Peace Love. She knows she has a strange name, but she doesn't care. She will even let people make fun of it. She is great at ignoring people. Too bad I'm not.

    And too bad she happens to be absent today.

    Why do people always want to be popular? Non-popular people fit in somewhere. Non-popular people have friends. Non-popular people can have successful lives. Non-popular people can get good grades. Actually, Hannah and her crowd get straight C's. I get straight A's. Once I got a B this year, in History, but it was a high B, so it hardly affected my grade at all. I usually get slightly lower grades in History, low A's instead of mid-level A's.

    Don't get me wrong; I am not bragging. I am just proving that popularity isn't the only pathway to success.

    If only I could let people see this. Then, tweens and teens all around the planet would realize that being popular isn't exactly the best thing in the world. Not the worst, but not the best. Populars aren't to be worshipped. They should be respectful if they want to be respected. Hannah isn't respectful, so she isn't going to be respected. At least not by me.

    I must be thankful that I am not a brainwashed, neurotypical girl that only cares about being liked by everyone.