• Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Sorian (12:56 AM): my screams choke off in to loud sobs as those are slowly covered up by the thundering rain
    Sorian (12:56 AM): i stare at the computer waiting for it to make sence
    britt banks (12:56 AM): neutral
    Sorian (12:57 AM): why do people look at me that way
    britt banks (12:57 AM): (shrugs)
    Sorian (12:57 AM): when ive clearly sunk so low
    Sorian (12:57 AM): that i cant even speak
    britt banks (12:57 AM): wats wrong
    Sorian (12:57 AM): without the ryhming the words that i know
    Sorian (12:58 AM): i was snooping on gaia
    britt banks (12:58 AM): yea
    Sorian (12:58 AM): and i found what i feard
    Sorian (12:58 AM): of a cheeting boyfried i do speak
    Sorian (12:59 AM): dont smile i know im talking weird
    Sorian (12:59 AM): but its the way i cope cuse poetry soothes the soul
    Sorian (1:00 AM): ... i think i want some ice cream in a bowl
    britt banks (1:00 AM): he ain't worth all this
    Sorian (1:01 AM): i dont know what to do
    Sorian (1:01 AM): i cant tell him i snooped
    britt banks (1:01 AM): just drop him, u don't have to tell him that
    Sorian (1:01 AM): *tell him
    britt banks (1:01 AM): he don't have to know
    Sorian (1:02 AM): how could i drop without means?
    Sorian (1:02 AM): when it all just seems
    Sorian (1:02 AM): becuse my paranoia got to me
    britt banks (1:02 AM): tell him that u just know, thats all u have to do
    britt banks (1:02 AM): and it looks like ur paranoia was right on this one

    Sorian (1:02 AM): and i dont think i want to let him free
    britt banks (1:03 AM): but then u chain urself down as well and that hurts u more then him
    Sorian (1:03 AM): why cant he just think only of me!?
    Sorian (1:03 AM): why must he stray?
    Sorian (1:03 AM): am i not enugh?
    britt banks (1:04 AM): don't know, I'm no him. sounds like he's just the normal idiot guy that don't care who he hurts
    Sorian (1:04 AM): to make him stay?
    britt banks (1:04 AM): u shouldn't have to do anything
    britt banks (1:04 AM): if he meant wat he said, you wouldn't have do do anything. love in any stage in unconditonal, which means u shouldn't have to do anything to keep him there

    Sorian (1:05 AM): but why dose it all seem so real?
    Sorian (1:05 AM): can good actors change the way you feel?
    britt banks (1:06 AM): unfroutunatly
    Sorian (1:06 AM): can they take the world and hold it up?
    Sorian (1:06 AM): or let it smash into the ground
    britt banks (1:07 AM): some can and will
    Sorian (1:07 AM): i crave my razor
    Sorian (1:07 AM): but with it i am dead
    Sorian (1:07 AM): its a good thing
    britt banks (1:07 AM): but no one is worth hurting urself espically for that loser
    Sorian (1:07 AM): that its home by my bed
    Sorian (1:08 AM): but he acts like hes worth it
    Sorian (1:08 AM): and am i reall so dumb
    Sorian (1:08 AM): that ill belive everything he says
    britt banks (1:09 AM): a mask that looks to be a million might only be a penny, nothing is face value, he only seemed to pull it off
    Sorian (1:09 AM): that im stuck under his thumb?
    britt banks (1:09 AM): u can always get away
    Sorian (1:09 AM): but i dont wanna get away
    Sorian (1:09 AM): with him i wish to stay
    britt banks (1:09 AM): he's not worth it
    Sorian (1:10 AM): i just need to leash him up
    britt banks (1:10 AM): for the pain, no, that's all he'll ever do
    Sorian (1:10 AM): but i cant call him im at my uncles
    britt banks (1:11 AM): He's worth nothing, that's all i have to say bout it, the rest is really up to u, i'm just hear to listen and help when it's wantedSorian (1:11 AM): ok...maby ill just stop speaking to him completly
    britt banks (1:11 AM): that's a good idea
    Sorian (1:11 AM): hey...im not ryhiming anymore
    britt banks (1:11 AM): smile :roll:
    britt banks (1:12 AM): i know ur gonna hate me, but i gotta go, my moms kicking me off early
    britt banks (1:12 AM): i'll be on tomorrow alright
    Sorian (1:12 AM): alright
    britt banks (1:12 AM): srry
    britt banks (1:12 AM): bye

    Sorian (1:12 AM): bye.