• Swoosh…crash…swoosh…crash, went the rhythm of wave hitting a bluff. The breeze had a salty, yet pleasant hint to it, smelling like the sea. Seagulls gulled their usual song. Slowly, the crashing of the waves died, by the lapping on the shore did not.

    It was the lapping that woke me with a grunt. Slowly, I pushed myself up, feeling fine sand between my hands as i did so and long hair falling from my bare back. Only when i was fully standing did I open my eye.

    What lay before me was the most breathtaking sight I had ever seen.

    I was standing on a beach with sand so pale and fine. it almost looked like snow. Palm trees were scattered with leaves that gently rustled as the breeze blow through them. I sat in the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze on my bare back and legs.

    Wait. Bare back? Bare legs? I thought. Alarmed, I glanced down to see what I was wearing. I was wearing a gorgeous and fitted pale blue dress that stopped a few inches above my knee and tied behind my neck like a halter top. There was a golden anklet around my right ankle.

    I had no idea why I was wearing such a thing, especially since I don't like dress, but I had no time to wonder about it cause what I had started to hear.

    It was humming. The most beautiful voice i had ever heard. And the tune... It was oddly familiar. For some reason, I found myself gazing across the clear blue sea at a lady that was seemingly gliding across the water with her arms stretched out, as if beckoning my to her. A strange urge urged me to walk to the lady with the outstretched arms, so I did.

    I blinked and found myself standing on the sea in front of the mysterious lady. Up close, I could clearly make out her features. She had silky black hair that was curly yet wavy at the same time. Her hair framed a heart shaped face with skin the color of pale sand and brilliant emerald eye, a delicate and slightly upturned, and full nude lips.

    Gently, she took me face in her hands, her thumbs caressing my cheeks.
    "It's time for you to wake and remember who you once where," she whispered to my in a wind chime voice. With that, she kissed my forehead and slightly pushed me with a single hand.

    I was falling, not through water, but through the air. I was a missile, falling through the air, head first. Then there was a crash I as hit the water, falling into reality.
    I groaned breathing rapidly. There was a beeping that kept pace with my breathing. And there was excruciating pain in my leg. Something happened and my breathing and the beeping slowed and the pain faded ‘til it was only a slit throb. Slowly, after I had stopped breathing so fast, I opened my eyes, blinking a few time before I actually saw what I was seeing. Stand above me was someone that I hadn't seen or been in contact with since the fifth grade. Standing above me was my old friend that was always my lovable pain-in-MY (and everyone else's)-a**. Standing over me with his usual unruly pale grey-ish silver-ish hair that was almost white and the cowlick that was in the center at his hairline, glassy blue-green eyes with a scar above the right one, and loving smile was Kyle Nelson.