• [I was in another forest again, but this time it wasnt hunter that was there. it was a beautiful girl. serisouly, i felt kinda jealous. she was wearing a long white silky dress, and had hair black and shiny as a ravens feathers. her eyes were a deep blue, and her skin was as pale as the moonlight shining through the trees.

    Standing next to her was Justin, still totally cute, but i didnt have a crush on him any more. i was with Hunter.

    he smiled. " Hailey! where have you been?"

    i smiled back. " here and there. where have you been?" i asked.

    " looking everywhere for you! where are you right now?" he asked.

    " dunno. im asleep, obviously. all i remember was being attacked in the hospital. " i lied.

    it worked, he bought it. " really? thats weird. who were you with when that happened?"

    " um, i forgot." i lied again. even though Justin was my friend, something in my mind told me not to trust him. or the girl.

    " oh, this is Delia, Delia this is Hailey. The demon." he said.

    i laughed. " making fun of my last name is not nice." i said.

    Delia laughed. it sounded like wind chimes, where as mine sounded like a dying walrus compared to hers.

    " Hailey? what are you doing here?" asked a new, familiar voice. i was relieved. i didnt know how long it would take before i made myself wake up.

    " Hunter!" i sighed.

    he walked to me and took my hand, and kissed me. " ive been looking for you."

    Justin snorted, Delia sighed. " Elves are so terrible Hailey, why are you around them? and a much better question would be, why is one your boy friend?" Justin said.

    Hunter glared at them. " They're Sorai Hailey. dont trust them."

    I wanted to kill Justin since I saw him in my dream, i realized.

    " Oh Hailey, why listen to an Elf? The Sorai are much better people, the Elves are the ones that are evil." Delia said hypnotically.

    i looked at Hunters eyes, trying to read his thoughts. it didnt work. so instead i thought, we have to get out of here Hunter. im scared.

    he looked at me and nodded. Justin stared at me suspiciously. he looked back at Hunter.

    Hunter smiled mockingly and said, " Sorry, we have to be on our way, it was nice arguing with you. but i have one thing to say." he glared at Delia. " She's with the elves, and she will stay with the elves. im not letting you take her.Princess Delia, im sorry. but you have to tell your mother each word i said to you. no one is taking Hailey." he said that so threatening, he actually sounded like an elf. i guess, what ever elves sound like.

    then i woke up. Hunter was laying next to me, awake too. he looked concerned. " are you alright? you sounded scared, and you said it."

    i kissed him. " i was only scared because you weren't there. and when you showed up, i felt like i was going to tear Justin to pieces, it freaked me out. plus that girl was amazingly beautiful and i was getting jealous. but i have no idea how to get out of dreams so, you had to do that for me."

    he smiled. " she looks like garbage compared to you, Hailey." he said softly.

    " you cant possibly mean that. i have stupid brown hair and green eyes that arent even green." i said.

    " no, you have hair the color of a river at sunset, and pale green eyes with a dark green around them, you are truly an elf Hailey. the most beautiful elf. You beat Delia by hundreds. never doubt yourself Hailey." he said.

    i was afraid that he thought that Delia was prettier than me. of course, why would i care? she was a Sorai, and i still didnt know what they were.

    he laughed. " you worry about everything. can you hear my thoughts at all?" he asked.

    " i cant now. i didnt know what happened." i said. his eyes were liquid gold, the color moving as his eyes moved over my face.

    he looked confused. " thats strange. why would that happen?"

    i shrugged. " beats me. can i ask you something?"

    " anything." he said.

    " okay, i dont mean to be rude, but where the hell are we?" i asked.

    he laughed. " In Hendron, the last City of elves not taken over from Darrien." he said.

    " im guessing were not in the mundane world anymore?" i asked.

    " no were not." he said.

    then something hit me. " Darrien is a human name. "

    " And Hunter isn't?"

    " Yeah, but......" i said.

    i was raised by human till i was six, whihc is why my name is human. i heard from him.

    " But you were raised by humans, which is why you have a human name."

    " you heard me again?" he asked.

    " maybe it turns on and off." i said. " Why does Darrien have a human name?" i asked.

    " she was raised in the human world. until her mentor came and taught her. of course, her Mentor was secretly a Sorai, so now she is one. but once she was a elf." Hunter said.

    " how do you know all of this stuff about her?" i asked.

    " i knew her mentor." he said. " he turned back to an elf."

    " you still haven't told me what a Sorai is." i said.

    " its an evil Elf. strange, i know." he said.

    i sighed. " i have to get out of here sooner or later." i said sadly. i wanted to dream of Wyoming again, of my favorite part of my forest.

    " you'd be surprised what Hendron looked like Hails." Hunter said.

    i got up. " lets go."

    he grabbed my hand and smiled. " i want you to meet some people."

    so we walked out of the room, and after that i kinda forgot how we got there. there was SO many hallways.

    we walked in to a large room, and some people were talking to each other.

    a woman looked up when she heard out footsteps.

    i almost stopped where i was. she looked so much like my mother it wasnt funny. it made me want to cry.

    She had the family pale green eyes, and beautiful blond hair that went to the back of her knees, she was pale, like everyone else in the room. was i the only tan one?

    Hunter chuckled at my thought.

    the woman smiled. " Hailey? Safyra's daughter?" she asked.

    i nodded.

    " I'm your Aunt Katilina." she smiled.

    a short teenager popped up in front of me. " and im the one you kicked." she said.

    the girl had strawberry blond hair, and violet eyes. she had freckles, and had a little tan.

    " oh, um sorry about that." i said.

    " Hmph. im Aretya."

    " Hailey." i said.

    a man stepped up and smiled. the only difference between him and Hunter was that the man had black hair. " I'm Cal, Hunters father."

    " its nice to meet you all." i said in a small voice. i was super shy, i had no idea how i could talk to Hunter when i first saw him. it was probably because i met him in a dream.

    Hunter squeezed my hand. it alright, no need to be shy. he thought.

    well, your not me! i thought.

    but i know you. youll be fine Hails. i promise.

    when are we gonna start training?

    when your done talking to everyone.

    oh god. this is gonna be torture.

    he chuckled.

    " Okay, mind conversation between two lovesick elves is not helping us." Aretya said.

    i smiled. " okay. so what?"

    " Well,........" Aretya said.

    i didnt hear what the rest said. i was too busy day dreaming.