• "How did you come to Hyrule?" Impa asked curiously. "I can explain," Link said. "I was walking through the graveyard, when this strange blue aura started glowing on the medalion warp point near the Shadow Temple. I went up to see what it was, and that's when I found Mitako." he told her. Impa nodded in understanding. "I was somehow sent here by some woman who says she was a goddess." Mitako said, her voice a bit shaky.

    "Which goddess?" Link asked. "I think her name was Nayru." Mitako answered. "Why would Nayru send you here to Hyrule?" Zelda asked curiously. "We will know in time. I believe we should let her rest." Impa replied. Zelda nodded, smiling kindly as she walked out the door. Impa had already left. Link turned to Mitako. "I'll see you later. Hope you feel better soon." he said, walking out the door.

    Once everyone was gone, Mitako laid back down on the bed and fell asleep. 'I wish I knew how to speak their language.' she thought sadly.

    Later that night, the moon began to rise as the stars shone brightly in the sky. Somewhere over at Lake Hylia, a small star with a light blue aura began to fall from the sky, landing by the lone tree near the medallion warp point.

    "Starlight...awaken O great Guiding Light of the Stars..." said a mysterious voice.

    Someone had picked up the small glowing object that landed near the tree. "Hmm, rather interesting. Who might this 'Guiding Light of the Stars' be?" Shadow Link questioned as he studied the object in his hand. He sat down by the tree, watching the moon reflected on the water's surface, lost in thought.