• Trinity Blood: The Power to Fight
    By: BDS
    Book 1 of 5
    Pages 56-88
    Rated: PG-13

    Chapter Three: Reality Revealed In Darkness

    Abel stared at Caterina, his heart breaking in half. "But Caterina, I--" He stood up and continued, "What?"
    "I'm sorry, but you've left me with no other alternative."
    He tried to move towards her, but was unable to do so. Unseen hands were holding him against his will. "What's going on? Wait--" He fell silent, as the world around him went pitch black........

    He woke up, his entire body drenched in sticky, cold sweat, every layer of cloathing that he wore clung to his body. His mind was racing, and he began to think, "Did that really just happen, or was I.....Or was I just hallucinating?"
    He finally made up his mind and he decided that what he did was for the best, "No Caterina! I was just doing my job!" His eyes began to dart from side to side. He was trying to adjust to the newfound darkness that was now consuming him. "HELP ME! WHERE AM I?!"
    He began to struggle, but the invisible hands continued to hold him captive. "What the-- WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!"
    "FATHER!" A voice screamed in the darkness, "Father Abel, you're fine now. Please calm down!"
    "Who's there?! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" He continued to fight, his heart racing.
    "Father, it's okay. Listen. It's me, Esther."
    Abel saw Esther's silhouette on the furthest wall. "Esther? Where am I? Wh--what happened to me?"
    "It's alright, Father, you're safe now." Esther whispered, as she wiped some of the sweat from Abel's face. "Father Tres has only just returned with you. And to be perfectly honest with you, you're lucky to have even made it back here alive."
    "Lucky to have made it back here alive?" Abel repeated, trying to lift his left arm, but found that it felt as though it had been filled with lead.
    "No Father! Please don't move! We've had to hoop you up to the highest level of IV that the Vatican owns, and we're also having to give you blood transfusions about every hour. We've had to restrain you so that you wouldn't do any further damage to your body." Esther whispered, her voice becoming choked by tears.
    Abel having calmed down, looked up at her, "What's the matter?"
    "You nearly died, Father! We could've lost you forever!" She yelled, tears streaming down her face.
    "Esther......" Abel began, his mind racing still.
    But instead of crying more, Esther whispered, "But you're still alive.....And I'm glad! But can I ask you one thing, Father?"
    "Please, tell me, what exactly happened out there? In Lutetium, I mean......"
    Abel felt his pupils grow wide with fear, and in a shaky voice he whispered, "No......Not again!"
    "Father Abel, you have to tell Her Eminence! But considering your current condition, I will relay the information for you......."
    "I will never reveal to anyone what those damned bastards did to those people! NEVER!" He swallowed hard, he hated the fact that Esther had to see him like this.
    But without warning, the memory of a day that had changed his life, entered his mind. "Li--Lilith! I'm so sorry! I made you a promise, and I swore to always keep it! But I've--I've proved to be too weak! I've shown that--Lilith, forgive me........."

    Esther stood before the Cardinal, with tears in her eyes. "Your Eminence, Father Abel, he's........." She sniffled, she didn't want to divulge into explaining just how bad Abel's health was.
    "His wounds are fatal, I know. But Abel has a very strong will to live, he will pull through in no time. He will find something to fight for. He will defeat the darkness and despair that now surrounds him." Caterina calmly whispered, as she took a sip of the tea that was before her. But although she sounded convinced, she doubted in her heart, the truth of what she'd said.
    Not knowing Caterina's uncertainty, Esther smiled and whispered, "Your Eminence, may I ask you something?"
    "What is it, Sister Esther?"
    "Father mentioned a woman. I believe her name was Lilith. Who is she?"
    "Abel mentioned Lilith?"
    "Yes, who is she? Tell me, was Father Abel ever married? Is Lilith his wife?"
    Caterina frowned, "Esther you remember your foster mother, Laura Vitez, right?"
    Esther stood straight up, she was prepared to defend Laura if the time came to do so. "Of course I remember Bishop Laura! Everyone does! She was sweet, kind, caring and the closest thing that I ever had to a mother! But please tell me!" She closed her eyes, gathering her courage, "Was Lilith married to Father Nightroad?"
    "No, her full name was Lilith Sahl, not Lilith Nightroad, and she was Abel's foster mother....."
    Esther gasped out of shock, and held her hand to her mouth, "I--I didn't know.....What--What happened to his parents?"
    Caterina softly sighed and whispered, "They died...."
    "I honestly didn't--"
    "Sister, I would appreciate it if you didn't let Abel know that I've told you all of this. Lilith died quite some time ago, but he still misses her greatly."
    "Of course, Your Eminence."

    Abel moaned in his sleep, the pain in his left shoulder was beginning to become unbearable. He slowly opened his eyes and tried to sit up, but remembering his restraints, he merely called out helplessly. "Esther?"
    The only answer that came was silence.
    Still, silence followed. With his eyes opened wide, he realized that someone had removed his glasses, making the scenery that he saw, blurry. The infirmary was now completely dark, and Abel wasn't fond of the thought of being left alone so soon.
    This time, in response of his frantic screaming, Abel heard a small childish chuckle. "Who--Who's there?!"
    "My dear brother. It's useless. No one can hear you. No one can hear your screams. Which means......That no one can help you...."
    A shadowy figure quickly fabricated at the foot of Abel's hospital bed, the form was blurred, but Abel had no trouble in recongizing his own brother's face, "Cain......"
    Stepping out of the shadows, Cain stood by Abel, who was completely helpless. His blonde hair loosely fell to his mid-back, his eyes were an electric blue color, and his face was young, and quite similar to that of Abel's. His height, amazingly, matched that of his brothers.
    "It reall has been a long time Abel. Too long for my tastes! How have you been?" Cain, whispered with a menacing glare in his eyes. The glare was that of true hatred.
    Abel, who had managed to return the look, yelled out, "Why are you here?! I thought that you were dead!!"
    "Now, Abel, there's no need for that attitude, after all the trouble that I went through just to find you, and this is the welcome that I get?" He place his right hand on his left breast and with a look of mock sadness he whispered, "I'm heart broken....."
    "Damn you! You never had a heart! And it hasn't been nearly long enough!" Abel began to struggle with his bonds.
    "Well this is disappointing. I mean, come on, the last time that you and I were able to speak to one another, was when you and our dear sister, Seth, shoved me off of the Ark!" With his eyes opened wide, Abel noticed that there was an insane look in Cain's eyes.
    Abel continued to struggle with his bondage, he didn't want to be anywhere near Cain, "What the hell are you doing here?!"
    Cain laughed, his laugh was that of a mad man's, "Always to the point, Abel? But, my reasons for being here is none of your concern. They are but my own. And the only true thing that you should be worrying about is the welfare of your life."
    "My life?! What do you mean by that?! Tell me! Why are you here?! Who sent you?!"
    He placed an icy hand on Abel's face, and whispered, "Abel, you should know that by now. You should be able to understand the fact that we've both joined two opposite sides of the war. You joined up with the damned Vatican, and I joined up with the Contra Mundi!"
    "THE CONTRA MUNDI?!" Abel's heart began to pound within his chest. He had never liked his brother, but he'd never hated him. He knew that they had been two sides of the same coin. "YOU.......DAMNED.......b*****d!! What in God's name made you join the Contra Mundi?! No good has ever come from them!!!! NEVER!!!"
    Cain smiled, his face gaining a young boyish look, "You know what, you're absolutely right. I am damned. And will remain so for all time to come. That is what the prophecy fortold before we were created. As well for our very own children." Cain closed his eyes and began to recite an ancient prophecy,
    "Brothers at sight
    Born to fight
    One for God
    One for damned
    We both knew that it would end this way. Only know," He moved his hand and covered Abel's mouth, tightly squeezing and pulling his face just centimeters from his own, and whispered, "You don't have the power or the strength to stop me, do you?"
    From behind Cain's hand, Abel growled, his mind racing.
    With his other hand in frong of Abel's face, Cain's finger nails grew to about seven inches in length, and they were as sharp as kitchen knives. "Abel, I'm going to end our life long battle. It's for the best interest of both of us. Wouldn't you agree.......?" He drew his hand back, and was prepared to slit Abel's throat, when an angry voice screamed out.
    Cain released Abel and made to turn around, "What the hell?!"
    "I said: DO NOT MOVE! Or is it that you don't understand human speech?! I'm placing you under arrest and am taking you into custody until we can transport you to the closest interigation area, and question the hell out of your a**!! The charges against you, incase you're curious, are the following: attempted murder of a Vatican priest, as well as admitting to conspiring with the Contra Mundi!"
    Cain laughed madly, "Me? Work for the Contra Mundi? I guess I didn't clarify myself earlier...." He looked at Abel.
    "Then clarify yourself!" Abel yelled as he felt the bonds loosen slightly.
    "I am their leader!"
    "Correct, my dearest brother......" He turn to face the intruder and with a dangerous tone he whispered, "Now who the hell are you?! And make it quick! You're disturbing my fun!"
    "Me, oh, I'm the scream you hear in the dead of night. I'm the death that ends all life. I am the punisher of all crimes. I am your worst nightmare!"
    Abel struggled harder to break the bonds, and when the one securing his chest broke, he let out a silent cheer, and sitting up he saw the man that had saved his life. It was his rugged, carefree comrade, Leon Garsis.
    "So, now that you know who I am, step away from Father Four-eyes!" Leon lifted the cuff of his right sleeve, and revealed about half a dozen shining chakrams. He removed one of the chakrams and yelled confidently, "Take this and repent!" He threw that chakram directly at Cain. And the centrifugal force put into the bracelet-like ring pulled out tiny blades.
    The bracelet spun uncontrollably in Cain's direction, "You know what?! I don't have to stand for this!" Cain jumped high into the air, with inhuman strength. His blonde hair spiked up, his blue eyes began to gain a danger blood red color.
    He landed on the ground and with a final glance at Abel and Leon, he began to laugh. Revealing his long vampirish fangs.
    "What the hell are you?!" Leon inquired, just as the chakram hit the wall opposite him and richocheted off of the walls' smooth surface, rebounding back at him. And with a seconds hesitation, he managed to dodge it with animal-like speed. He sighed in relief when he realized that the sharp tips of the blades hadn't sliced into the side of his unshaven face.
    He then heard the chakram hit the wall behind him and then a soft clink. "Is that the best you have?! Using someone's own weapons against him! Reveal your own weapons, you monster!"
    Abel, who had completely unrestricted himself, stood up on weary legs, "Don't tempt him, Leon. He's just toying with you. He'll kill you with no regret."
    "Abel, what is he?!"
    He sighed sadly, "He's a Crusnik, just as I am."
    "No, a Crusnik. We're both an ancient form of vampire. Only," Abel began unplugging his life support from his arms, and letting loose of the wires and small tubes, he proceeded to speak. "Only we're not your average everyday vampire. There are only three of us remaining...."
    Leon cut his speaking off with his roaring laughter, "A vampire?! Please, Four-Eyes, I've heard some pretty bad jokes, but this by far is the absolute worst! Please tell me that you're lying!"
    "No, Leon, I'm not." Abel whispered, closing his eyes, and tilting his head back. "Nano-machine.....Crusnik 02.....Power output....40% Activate....!" His hair flew up from all sides, creating an unruly silver crown. His height began to increase, and fangs grew rapidly from beneath his top lip. Slowly he opened his eyes, revealing that his wintery blue eyes were no more, but that they had been replaced with eyes that shined brightly like illuminated crimson blood.
    With a deep demonic voice he spoke, "Cain, we both spoke of one of us being damned! And we were both right to assume that it is YOU!" Abel lifted his right arm and rested it perpendicular to his body, and in one swift motion he extended his long, slender fingers.
    In his hand, a double-bladed scythe formed, its skeletal mold glowed red like hot iron. A blood red aura radiated from it. "You killed Lilith! You killed her, you b*****d! And I'm going to make you pay for it!"
    Abel hastened forward, the scythe ready in hand, "DIE CAIN!!"
    He was just meters from Cain, when the infirmary's door opened wide, "Abel, Caterina sent me to make sure that you're--" A woman's voice, pure and soft drifted through the room. "Abel?"
    "No!" Abel thought and turned frantically to look at who was standing in the open doorway. And to his horror he saw that it was Noelle. "NO! NOELLE RUN! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! NOW! SAVE YOURSELF! IT'S NOT SAFE HERE! GO!!" Abel urged hed her to leave, but to his shock she just stood there. And to his dismay, Cain prompted him directly.
    "Abel, is this the woman that you've secrectly agreed to love? Is she special to you?" He smiled slyly, and looked down at Noelle, "You know how much it would hurt me if she were to betray you. And you know that she will, once she learns of all the horrible sins that you've committed. Yes, it's true that I might have killed our foster mother, but you had desired so strongly to eliminate the entire human race."
    "Shut up, Cain! Shut the hell up! You know nothing of what I desired back then!"
    "Is that so? Then I take it that I also know nothing of what you desire even now?" Cain enticed, hoping to rile his already distraught brother.
    Abel felt an uncontrollable longing for Cain's death, he just wanted his cruel tauntings to end. "I SAID SHUT UP!!"
    "Well, Abel, if you don't care for this woman, then how about I do, as a curtisy to you, how about I destroy her, with you watching every gruesome second of it?" Cain raised his right hand and facing his palm towards her, he whispered coldly, "Noelle, was it?"
    Noelle began to back away, with frightened tears in her eyes, "A....Abel....."
    Noelle's eyes, and mouth both opened wide, and her face lost all of its' color. "No......"
    "CAIN NO! STOP!!!!"
    With his palm still facing her, he emitted a super-sonic highfrequency sound wave.
    With her eyes fixed onto Abel's body, Noelle soundlessly mouthed out his name.And seconds after doing so, her body was violently hit bye the highfrequency wave. Her facial features frozen in time for all eternity.
    And alone.......
    Her body fell limply to the concrete floor, her eyes still wide, but not truly seeing what was before her.
    Abel waited, expecting and desperately hoping to see life spring back into her face, and with a fleeting hope he whispered, "Noelle....Noelle.......?" But when she didn't respond, Abel screamed out in a blinding rage.
    Tears quickly filled his eyes and he began to shake as his mind rushed back and forth, and he was trying to decide on what he should do. "No....Noelle......"
    In seeing his brothers loss, Cain laughed as his way of showing that victory had been his. "How weak you've become Abel! Tell me, how many times are you going to allow me to steal from you the one's that you so dearly love? Honestly how far you've fallen! But one thing about you will never change. You will always be considered to be the Enemy of the World."
    Unable to take it anymore, Abel pointed angrily at Cain, and cried out, "SHUT THE HELL UP! HOW COULD YOU BE SO HEARTLESS THAT YOU CAN TAKE A LIFE AND STILL NOT FEEL ANY PAIN OR REMORSE ABOUT IT?! TELL ME DAMMIT!!!"
    "Abel, you've got to stand up for what you love in this world. You must stand up for yourself, as well as keep a firm hold on what you love and hold dear in your heart. But only you can stop this. None of your friends can end this war. Only you have that power. So tell me: Can you stop it?"
    Taking a deep, calming breath Abel whispered, "Nano-machine.....Crusnik 02.....Power output level......80% Activate.......!" He held onto his scythe as he plunged directly at Cain, the sharpened edges of the blade cut easily through the air. The blood red color of the scythe glowed brighter, the angrier that Abel got. A whistling sound could be heard as he swung the scythe directly at Cain's chest.
    "Abel, I don't believe that I can recall you ever being so serious. Though I'd have to say that it's come a little too late, wouldn't you? Too bad I can't stick around and enjoy the rest of your painful suffering. So I bid you adieu, my dear brother......." Cain silently disappeared into the night, leaving behind no sign that he'd ever existed.
    Abel looked around the room wildly, "I HAVE TO GET HIM! I HAVE TO MAKE HIM PAY!! HE MUST BE STOPPED!"
    "ABEL!!" Leon yelled from within the shadows cast by the darkness of the room. "Abel, listen to me! You're not apt to taking on a mission like this! Not this soon anyway! Not when you're injured like this! Now I'll accompany Gunslinger, and together, he and I will track down that unholy b*****d! Now come on, we've got to get you out of here....."
    Abel, who had returned to his normal human form stared at Leon, and then at Noelle's lifeless body. "But what about Sister Noelle? We--We can't just leave her here......"
    Leon walked up to the shocked Abel, and placed a hand on his shaking shoulder, "It's too late for Mistress Noelle. Now come on......"
    He began to guide Abel to the empty hallway, just outside of the infirmary, and had only just managed to shut the door, when he heard footsteps coming close. "Who's there?"
    Out of the darkness, Caterina ran to the two men. "What happened?!"
    "He got Noelle....."
    "Is it bad?!"
    Leon looked down before he quietly whispered, "She's dead."
    Caterina gasped, "We've got to hurry!"
    Leon nodded in agreement, and for the first time he noticed two young girls hurrying after the Cardinal. One he recongized to be Sister Esther, but the other, he was completely unfamiliar with.
    Caterina, her head leaning forward, whispered, "Tell me, how'd it happen?"
    "Ask Father Nightroad, he seemed to know the son of a b***h pretty damn well!"
    The Cardinal looked at Abel, who was beginning to feel extremely lethargic. "Abel tell me, was it him?"
    He opened his mouth to answer, but he felt himself falling, and he closed his eyes shut. Tears leaking from between his closed lids.
    "FATHER NIGHTROAD!" A sweet voice yelled in concern, and he realized that this was the first time of hearing the voice.
    But as he fell, he felt calm hands catch his body and pull him into their arms, protecting him from harms way. He slowly opened his tired eyes and looked up at the face of the person holding him.
    It was a young girl, with a warm and calming smile. And Abel couldn't help but to ask, "Who are you?"
    With her kind smile, she stroked his hair back and whispered, "My name is Elma Duval. Now please, go to sleep. You're safe now...."
    "Okay....." He felt calm, and unafraid, and was able to fall asleep in her arms.

    To Be Continued in Chapter Four: Ripples on the Surface