• Chapter 1 continued

    I woke up my head was hurting so bad. I looked around. Where am I? It looked like a village in the Medieval Times. "This must be a dream. That's it! I tripped, so I possibly fell unconscious. That better be it. Once I pinch my cheek I'll wake up." I pinched my cheek. I didn't wake up. I pinched harder. I was still in the village. "Why am I not waking up!" I yelled at myself.
    A woman that was holding a basket of fruits was staring at me.
    I waved at her, "Excuse me! Could you tell me where I am?"
    the woman dropped her basket. "Oh, my, you have come back I must tell them!" She whistled a soft tune. A butterfly landed on her shoulder. She whispered to it, then the butterfly flew to the North or at least that's what I think.
    The woman motion to me to come with her. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. I'm Merryweather, but just call me Merry, Your Highness." She bowed.
    "Your Highness? I'm Mayura. My-u-ra. Just Mayura not Your Highness."
    The woman looked puzzled, "It's fine calling you by your name?"
    I nodded. I wonder why she called me your highness.
    "While we're waiting for the royal family to come, why don't you stay at my house?"
    "I don't know. I mean I've only met you."
    "Don't worry I won't hurt you."
    I just had to go she seemed nice.
    I followed her to a small cottage, it didn't take long to get there. Once Merry opened the door, a little boy with brown hair and eyes, exactly like his mother, jumped out from behind the door. "Hello, Mother!"
    "Hello Louis. I'm home. We have a guest." she lightly pulled me next to her. "This is Mayura. Mayura this is my son Louis. She'll be staying here for tonight."
    Louis glanced at me, "Hi, Mayura. You're pretty."
    I laughed nervously. I wonder how old he is. Seven? "Well, thank you."
    "Do you want to eat lunch?All we have is fish, but its enough." He pulled me to the dinning room. "See you should try it, my mother's really good at cooking."
    "No it's alright. I already ate." It was true because I did eat lunch at school. "
    "Okay, then, do you wanna play a game?"
    "Um... Sure" I wonder what game..
    "Let's play hide-and-seek. You're it. You count to twenty. Let's start."
    The rest of the day we played that game until it was time for dinner. After dinner Merry gave me a nightgown to wear and also a red and green plaid blanket. It felt so warm. I slept on the sofa. I couldn't sleep, I stared at the wooden ceiling. Is it really a dream? Once I wake up I'll be back home in my room thinking how I got back and what I'm going to do during summer.

    But instead, when I woke up I was still inside the cottage wearing the same nightgown.
    There was a loud knock at the door.
    I sat up and saw Merry going towards the door. She fixed her hair. "They're her. I guess this is goodbye." She opened the door.
    A man stood in front of her. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties, he also seemed tough and protective. "You said the Queen is here."
    "Yes, I"ll get her right now." She went up to me and whispered, "You have to go now. Just follow him. He'll lead you to your home."
    "My home?" What is she talking about? My home is in California. I went up to the man. He sort of scared me with his strong expression.
    "Come with me Your Highness." Even his voice was deep and strong.
    I followed him to a horse. the horse was beautiful with ravenous, shiny black hair combed. I tried getting up, but the horse was too tall. No matter how beautiful it was I couldn't get on, so the man helped me on the saddle. He rode on a brown stallion, just as beautiful as mine.
    As we were heading towards my home he asked, "You've never ridden a horse before, Your Highness?"
    "No. I never had the time to." My butt started hurting. Now I see why I never wanted to ride a horse.
    "We're almost there. There's a celebration going on for your arrival at the village."
    I looked around, there were so many trees everywhere. "What is this place," I asked amazed.
    The man chuckled, "We're in the country, Celes."
    "Celes," I repeated, amazed by the name.
    We were at the entrance of a different village. The man looked up and yelled, "Open the gates! The new Queen of Celes is here!"
    The door opened, many people we're cheering and clapping. I spotted a castle that looked like it was made out of glass. "What's that castle made out of?"
    "Diamonds. It took about a hundred years to make it."
    "That long?" Before I could ask more questions my horse went crazy, it neighed and galloped towards to castle.
    I heard the man say "Pull on the reigns!" But it was to late I've already letten go of the reigns and held onto the saddle.
    Once I was at the entrance of the castle my horse stopped so abruptly I flew off and landed on my face.
    "Are you alright?" The voice was so sweet and younger than the man's, but there was something that sounded oddly familiar.
    "I'm alright." I got up still looking at the ground.I turned to look at the boy. I was shocked it was Fai. At first he didn't recognize me until I said, "Fai?"
    He stared at me more closely, "Mayura? See I told you we'll meet each other again. You look so different, your raven-colored hair was much shorter and your violet eyes were more lighter. I think you look better in the past."
    I clenched my fist. "Was that an insult?"
    "Uh-oh. She's mad. Run away!" He said, sarcastically
    I tried catching up to him but he was to fast. I laughed, still the same old Fai. As I tried catching up to him I tripped. He stopped running and helped me up, smiling. "You're still the same old Mayura."
    I smiled back. "And you're the same old Fai. No matter how I look at it you never changed."
    "Ha! Well since you're the new Queen I can't disagree with you. Let me show you my family, Your Highness. Follow me."
    I followed him. I wonder what's going to happen now since I'm in the country of Celes and I wonder what his family is like. I've never met them before.

    To be continued in Chapter 2 - Past