• Sasuke Uchiha. A smart boy. 16 years old, coal eyes, black-ish blue hair. Oh an not to mention, he’s one of the hottest guys in the whole town. All the girls love him, but I don’t know what they see in him. Sure he’s smart, but he’s a jerk. He treats everybody like they’re not worthy of being in his presence. Only ONE girl I know can get near him andNOT try to kiss him, ask him out or rape him! She’s my best friend, Hinata Hyuuga. Her cousin, Neji Hyuuga, is Sasuke’s best friend. If you didn’t know them, you couldn’t tell they were friends at all.

    I’m Naruto Namikaze. I’m 15 years old, my birthday is a good month away, on October 10th. My hair is “Golden blonde” as described by my friends and family. I have blue eyes and three marks on each of my cheeks. I got those from a fight I had in elementary school, this girl was acting like a real b***h so I slapped her good. It turns out she had strong left hook andsome really long nails. We got suspended for fighting on school grounds. It was worth it though. My parents are Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. My dad works at my school as the principal and my mom is a doctor. I’m really proud of them. I also have a brother who is one of Sasuke’s friends, he tries to tell me Sasuke is nicer than he looks but I just can’t believe him. His name is Kyuubi, or as I call him Kyuu-chan! He’s my fraternal twin. We were born at the same time but he has red hair, taking after kaa-san. I took after my dad withhis hair. But I took after my mom with her tomboy-ish attitude!


    My sweet, sweet dream got interrupted by a pair of strong arms shaking me fiercely. I opened my right eye just a bit to see who it was and saw my father.

    “Wake up, Naruto. You’re going to be late and just because I’m your father doesn’t mean you have any special privileges. You have 20 minutes to get up, shower, brush your teeth, do your hair and eat then we leave!”

    I got up immediately, walked into the bathroom, took a shower as fast as I possibly could, put my uniform on, ate a banana andran out of the door in 15 minutes. My father had left already with Kyuubi. Kyuubi must have convinced him to leave. ARG! Now I have to run. Hopefully I don’t run into Sakura. She’s a real b***h. I wish I could just ring that neck of hers and punch her abnormally large forehead!

    As I walk out the gates to my house, someone runs straight into me. I fall back, a** first, then my head hit’s the floor with a thump.


    I close my eye and put my hand on my head, hoping there’s no blood. I loose all my hope when I feel a liquid on my hand and drizzling down my forehead.

    “DANG! Tou-san’s gonna kill me if he finds out I got hurt! And when he finds out I’m late!”

    “Are you okay?”

    I open my eyes to see a surprising sight. Sasuke Uchiha, leaning forward actually wanting to see if I was okay. He stands up and offers me a hand. I, unwillingly, take it. He helps me, pulling me up with both hands now. I pull me arm back once I ‘m back on my feet.

    “Don’t touch me Uchiha.”

    I run away, not wanting to deal with him anymore. I just can’t stand him, he’s mean to almost every girl and NOW he decides to turn over a new leaf. I get to the school, but I miss homeroom and half of first period. Before I can go anywhere, I have to get a tardy slip from the office where half my family works!

    “Shizune-nee, get me a tardy slip. Oh and get one ready for Uchiha, Sasuke.”

    “Naru-chan, you’re late again. Your father’s going to hear about this one too!”

    “Don’t call me that. And don’t tell tou-san, please!”

    I feel a warm trickle down my forehead. I wipe it away as fast as I could but apparently it wasn’t quick enough. Shizune noticed.

    “Naruto, is that blood?! Where did this happen?!”

    “Oh I bumped into Sasuke and fell!”Andat that very moment, my father came out of his office along with my grandmother, Tsunade. They see what happened to me and demanded to know who did this to me. I mentioned I bumped into Sasuke and they went on a rampage looking for him. Turns out, he was in class when the bell rang. I know I saw him, and this time I’m not crazy! When they called Sasuke down, he mentioned his brother who was transferring to this school and how he was late this morning.

    No one had ever heard of Sasuke Uchiha having a brother. But they all believed him when the other Uchiha walked through the door and stood next to Sasuke. They were twins, two, guy, identical twins! I was the first to laugh. Sasuke was the first to ask.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “This clears everything up! Sasuke would never be nice to ANYONE, especially a girl…and ESPECIALLY ME!”

    “Shut up, dobe.”

    The other Sasuke nudged him, apparently he was the more kinder one! And out of plain curiosity andI knew everyone was thinking this, I asked his name. He responded with a simple “Sasuki Uchiha” I took a great liking to Sasuki. He was nicer, kinder, more of a gentleman and he doesn’t have a short temper like Sasuke. Okay, the first two were similar but they still count. I offered to show Sasuki around but since my dad didn’t trust me, he asked Sasuke to come. And of coarse he did.

    The first place I showed him was the lockers. I directed him towards his which was only a few away from mine!

    “So Sasuki, what do you like to do in your free time?”

    “I like to go out and play sports but I really love to read. What are some of yours Naruto-chan?”

    I felt my face turn red, a blush spread across my face and I knew it! No one has ever said ‘-chan’ at the end of my name except for family.

    “Uhhh, well, I like to draw and ,um, write stories. I also read and play sports like yourself but I only like playing a few sports.”

    “Such as.”

    “Volleyball, basketball, baseball, football and soccer.”

    He put all his stuff away in his locker and we went on to the rest of the school. I showed him his homeroom, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th,6th,7th, and 8th periods. 4th period was lunch which was about to happen in a few minutes. We had the same homeroom so we sat together. I was the first in the lunch line as always. Kyuubi keeps teasing me on how I eat too much. I never gain any weight so might as well, right? Sasuki was behind me, Sasuke was behind him but I just ignored him. All three of us were in the same homeroom and sat in a row at our table. I was in the middle of Sasuke and Sasuki. I felt a bad vibe starring at the back of my neck. I turned back and all those bad feelings were coming from all of Sasuke’s fan girls.

    “Sasuki, what school were you going to before this one?”

    “I was going to the Mist Academy in the Mist village. It a was really strict, all boys school. It’s classes were--”

    Kyuubi interrupted by taking a seat next to Sasuke and blabbing on about how much I eat to Sasuki.

    “KYUU-CHAN!!! Shut up! No one wants to hear you while your mouth is full of shitty food!”

    “Watch your language, Naru-chan!”

    My face turned red, this time withrage! I got up, out of my seat, stood behind Kyuubi, waited a while before I nailed him in the head, as hard as he expected me to hit, which is pretty hard. He squealed like a girl and I got in trouble for it. Tou-san gaveme two weeks worth of detentions. Maybe half the school was right when they suggested I take anger-management classes. Hm, Oh well, too late now.

    The 5th period bell rang and I get to go to science! We’re dissecting today and I have no partner, which means I get to do it by myself! Awesome! I walk into the lab, I notice there’s a crowd near where my seat is. I push and shove my way to my seat andI found out the reason why every girl is surrounding my table. Sasuki. And I feel like I should say Sasuke but I really don’t want to.

    “Hey, yeah, everyone, MOVE! Get out of my space, I need my friggin space and I can’t have it when you’re in it.”

    All the girls moved away, unwillingly, from Sasuki and Sasuke. They were sitting at my table and if they did that, I wouldn’t be able to do it all by myself!

    “Now, you two, move. It’s my table and I want to dissect alone. Meaning, I don’t want anyone here at my table with me!”

    Orochimaru-sensei walked into the room. I don’t know why everyone’s creeped out by him, sure he looks like he’s a child molester but hey, if he did anything to me I would kick him where it hurts!

    “Everyone sit down. The more you talk, the less time you have to dissect. That means you, Naruto.”

    “But sensei, they’re in my seat and I wanted to do this alone.”

    “Well, looks like you have two partners now, doesn’t it?! SIT!”I did as I was told and sat, getting as far away as possible from any fan girl. Which was, by the way, completely impossible since they were surrounding our table.

    “Now class, those who don’t want to dissect a frog, because they have a queasy stomach or because they’re against hurting DEAD animals or for whatever reason, GET OUT. You’ll be getting a zero for this week. Anyone?”A few people walked out, mostly girls, I was against it too, but not as much now. Before, they had us dissect a LIVE animal, I convinced my father to make it dead, I don’t know how that’s ‘better’ but it works for me.

    “For those of you who stayed, send one person to get your goggles, lab coats and gloves.”

    I went to get them without anyone telling me to. I doubt Sasuke would volunteer to get the stuff and I wouldn’t want Sasuki to be trampled by the few remaining girls so I went. Three lab coats, three pairs of goggles and three pairs of gloves. I got back and handed them their safety gear.

    “Listen up, I really don’t want to do this but we’re dividing up each of the jobs equally. I go first then Sasuki then Sasuke.”

    They were silent.

    When the experiment started, I went first. Orochimaru’s first direction was to cut it open. I took the scalpel and pierced through it. The I took the surgical scissors and poked it through that hole. I cut it open from the stomach and luckily I didn’t get sick and throw up my lunch but there were some girls who did. I laughed at them and got a detention from Orochimaru for “being inconsiderate of my classmates difficulties” as he put it. But if blood was spewing out, then I would faint. I havea fear of seeing blood, I get really sick. Once my turn was over, I gave the scalpel to Sasuki and he continued on from where I left off. I went over to an empty table, sat there and slept or at least tried to. I heard a small “Ouch!” coming from the direction of my table. I check over and Sasuki’s handis covered with blood. He must’veaccidentally cut himself with the scissors. I felt like barfing.

    “Uzumaki, go tell sensei we need to go to the nurse.”

    My ears blocked out all sound. I just starred at Sasuki’s hand. When I was five or so, I experienced something horrible. I don’t even remember. Blood got on me, I was terrified, petrified, horrified, and scared for life. But now, at any sight of blood, as I said before , I get a sick feeling in my stomach.

    Next thing I knew, I fell to the floor. After that, nothing. I completely blacked out.

    When I woke up, I was in the infirmary, but not alone. Sasuki, Sasuke, tou-san, baa-chan, Shizune nee-chan, Kyuubi nii-chan, and even kaa-san. They surrounded me.

    “Oh good, she’s awake! We were so worried about you, Naruto! What happened?”

    “Yeah, Naruto, what happened during class, I heard a thump and saw you on saw floor. Did one of the Uchiha do something to you?”

    Everyone turned their gaze towards Sasuke and Sasuki.

    “No, they didn’t do anything, I just felt really bad. Probably something in the lunch.”

    I told everyone to make room so I could stand up. I stood up and apologized for making everyone worry so much.

    “This has been a pretty weird day for you, hasn’t it Sasuki?”

    “It was an odd, yet interesting day. I liked it. It was way different than my days at Mist Academy.”

    I laughed and everyone, except for one grouch, followed. Sasuke always has to be like that, doesn’t he? After words, I ask Sasuki and Sasuke if they want to come over to my house. Sasuke declines but Sasuki accepts which means Sasukewill definitely be there. I ask If that’s okay with my parents andthey’re fine with the idea. So the Uchiha twins were coming to my house. When the last bell rang, we would get our stuff from our lockers and ,either, walk to my house or have tou-san drive us.

    The day passed by easily and luckily no one teased me about fainting at the sight of blood. It was now time for gym. My least favorite class. I don’t understand why we even have gym, we don’t need it for life and I don’t want to become an athlete! Anyway, I got dressed in my gym uniform and headed out to the gym. The locker rooms are in the hall to come in the gym.

    I walk into the gym, the huge gym, and immediately, Gai-senseitells us to run 10 laps around the school. Just what I needed. The school was a ******** huge place andwe just had to RUN! The first lap was easy, I jogged, when the secondlap came around, my legs started to throb. I know, I’m out of shape and many people, including my parents, have told me! I weigh a mere 99 lbs, I’m under weight but I’m out of shape! Sasuki passed me a few times….maybe 3 or 4. He’s was way faster than me. Sasuke passed me a few times too but I rather not say how many….for odd purposes. I was one of the last done in my period, after we finished the laps up, Gai-sensei told us to get into groups of four so we could play a game of basketball. I asked Kyuubi to be on my team. He rude fully declined my offer andwent with Sasuki and Sasuke instead. Sasukioffered a spot but I, being the kind and courteous person I am, considerately declined, making up the excuse I already had a team but needed one more player.

    I stood there, wandering from one side of the gym to the other, looking for a team to be with. Everyone already had their teams formed except for me.

    “NAMIKAZE! Where is your youthful team?! Or do you not haveone? I could easily set you with one if you like but don’t expect me to go easy one you because you’re the daughter of the one that signs my pay-checks each week.”

    “Uh, no, that’s fine Gai-sensei. I was just heading to the washrooms to use the….facilities….”

    “Okay, but go quickly now. I don’t want you to miss this wonderful display of youth!”

    I ran towards the girls locker room, where the bathrooms are, and went inside one of the stalls. I saw some writing on the walls, mostly about that b*****d, Sasuke. I got to me gym locker where all my clothes are and take a permanent marker out of my pants pocket. I go back into the same stall and write something under Sasuke’s name, that goes something like this:

    Definition for “Sasuke”: (Noun) 1. A self centered b*****d who cares only for himself and not for others. 2. A jerk. 3. Plain old UGLY. 4.*Censored* X3

    I got out of the stalls before anyone noticed. I came out and see a basketball game going on. Gai-senseitells me to get withmy team. I just wander aroundlooking for a team with one less player so I could join them but no luck.

    “Namikaze, where’s your team?”


    “Naruto-chan, over here!” I saw Sasuki wave his hand, signaling me to walk over there. I gave a sigh of relief, Gai-sensei would’ve made me run another 10 laps in front of the class if he knew I lied. I sat down next to Kyuubi.


    I tried so hard just to say “Arigato” but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t! Either my ego’s way too big or I lost my ability to form words in a whole sentence. Sasuki placed a hand on my shoulder, as if already knowing what I meant to say. My face formed a pink-ish sort of color on my cheeks.“It’s alright, Naruto-chan.”I’m horrible, I can’t even say “Thank you” to Sasuki. He’s way too nice to me. I give another sigh, but this time in disappointment…in myself.

    It’s our turn to play. Sasuki, Sasuke, Kyuubi and I up against Kiba, Shikamaru, Gaara and Chouji. Me, being the only girl, gives our team the advantage. I can just tell Kiba that I’m going to tell Hinata that he likes her. He won’t dare touch me after that. I can bribe Chouji with my lunch for tomorrow. I’m a bit scared of Gaara. And Shikamaru will probably already know what I’m planning to do. Sasuki went to the middle of the court, as did Kiba. Gai-sensei, with the basketball in hand, goes to the middle and does the jump ball. I run towards it, once Sasuki hits the ball towards the opposite basket. I am able to get it, but Kiba smack it out of my hands.“Nice try, Naru-chan. But this game’s all ours.”

    “ ‘Naru-chan’, my a**! NO ONE’S ALLOWED TO CALL ME THAT DOG-BREATH!”

    I run straight at him, making him think I’m gonna tackle him to the ground, and snatch the ball out of his hands before he can pass it to anyone else. Dribbling it a few times, I try to get closer to the basket. Shikamaru blocks the rest of my path and so I pass it over to Kyuubi. He takes the shot……..AND MAKES THE SHOT!!


    Kiba growled at my new nickname for him.

    “It’s not like you’re the one who made the shot!”

    I ignore the comment and continue to play. Gai-senseiwas just watching in astonishment as both our teams were playing against each other. He should’ve called the end of the game a long time ago but decided to let everyone else get dressed and watch. The bell rang, signaling the end of 7th period but sensei told us to keep playing. We were gonna stay in7th period until we finished this damn game. When the bell rang again, telling everyone it was the beginning of 8th period, 8th period gym came walking in. They didn’t get dressed. Gai told them to sit in the bleachers and “watch as a magnificent showing of extreme youth goes on” …whatever that means. I look to my left, where the bleachers are located, and see two of the biggest Sasuke fan girls there are, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka.


    “Go Sasuke-kun! I LOVE YOU!”

    “Everyone knows I love him even more!”

    I block the rest of the little argument out and focus on the game. Sasuke has the ball now, no wonder they’re screeching like monkeys. Gaara and Choujiare blocking his way. I wave my arms in the air.

    “I’m open!”

    And yet Sasuke completely ignores me. He passes the ball towards a space of complete and utter NOTHINGNESS! No one was anywhere near the ball when he threw it. And in result, Shikamaru grabs it and makes the shot, winning them the game.

    “You are a moron! I was open and the only one too! What the hell were you thinking?”

    “Calm yourself, Naruto. It was just a game.” Kyuubi said, putting a hand on my shoulder. I simply, and angrily, shove it away. I dart out of the gym and into the girls locker rooms. As I pass a bunch of people in the bleachers, I hear murmurs about “how stupid I was to think Sasuke was going to pass the dumb blonde the ball”, I’ starting to think they’re right about a part of that. I take my books and clothes out of my locker and go to 8th period.


    Ah, how I love you art class. Deidara-sensei is the best sensei EVER! Well, besides Iruka-sensei, that is. Iruka’s my…..homeroom teacher and he lets me off the hook when I’m late. Anyway, I’m working on scratch art now. I’m, so far, the only one on it. Everyone else is probably on the upside down drawing. I am way ahead of my class and the other period too! I am doing a very hard scratch art design of a cat. I get to paint it too. I get my portfolio and ask Deidara-sensei if I can work outside. It was a really nice day out, so he said it was fine.

    There was a slight breeze that blew my hair in my face; I move it out of my way. I’m the only one outside and I love it. Until Sasuki and Sasuke come out. I try to ignore them but Sasuki sits on the steps right next to me and Sasuke on my other side. Sasuki looks at my scratch art cat.

    “That looks really cool, Naruto-chan.”

    “Thanks…..” I say sullenly. He didn’t sound mad at me but I had a feeling he was. I want to apologize, just not to Sasuke. Even if he’s the one that actually deserves it.

    “I’m sorry, Sasuke, Sasuki. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did in the gym. It was just a game.”

    Sasuke, the most emo, egotistic (ironic, coming from me, the person who can‘t even say ‘thank you’ to someone else) person in the school, chuckled and petted my head.

    “Dobe, it was my fault. I should’ve just passed it to you.”

    He apologized to me. I know it was his fault now but why do I feel this way, like apologizing to him just wasn’t enough. A slight tinge of pink appears on my cheeks. WHY, DAMNIT! I try to get this emotion out of my mind.

    “So, you two are still coming to my house? I mean, if you don’t want to anymore, that’s fine too!”

    “Of coarse we’re still coming, Naruto-chan, but how about tomorrow you come to ours?!”

    “Are you sure it’s fine? I don’t want to cause trouble for your parents.”

    “I’m sure you can come! Our parents don’t mind a few guests over.”

    I nodded. I was about to thank him but then Hinata came out!


    “Ko- Konichiwa, Naruto, Sasuki-san, Sasuke-san.”

    I give my signature grin, it makes anyone smile and of coarse, Hinatasmiled along with Sasuki! I was surprised to see Sasuke smiling as well.