• New Love and a Baby
    A story about a young couple making their way in life and adding a new life to the family

    A bell goes off in the kitchen, a lady quickly runs into the kitchen and opens the stove and pulls out a really burnt chicken. She was saying bad words under her breath as she tried to save what she could out of the bird. No use, she look up at the clock hanging just over the door frame of the kitchen, the clock said ‘five to six’. The lady did what she could to make the chicken look better before her husband came home from work.
    The door opened to the little apartment and then a voice almost wide like the sea said “Sweetie what is for dinner?” The door slammed shut and heavy foot steps walk though the little hall on the other side of the door. They stop for a moment and then keys hit something that was wood, the foot steps started to walk to the small living room and the guy, who was about 6 feet and 11 inches tall and he had almost a dirty blonde color hair with bright blue eyes, sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. On the TV was his favorite show called Doctor Who.
    The lady came out of the kitchen, wiping her wet hands in a dark green towel. She threw the towel over her left shoulder and she crossed her arms a crossed her chest, she looked at her husband then at the TV then back at her husband. The two of them had only been married for 4 mouths and he would do the same thing every night when he would come home from work. “Just once I would like you to come home and not sit on your butt and watch TV” she said looking at him angrily
    “Ahhh come on sweetie, do you have a heart Ruby?” said the man standing up to go and hug his wife. She backed up with her arms still crossed and the dark green towel on her shoulder.
    “Oh please Wes you know I do, I say it because I want to do something new and different just once that is all I want” she sighed and Wes wrapped his arms around her and she too wrapped her arms around him. Ruby stood about 5 foot and 5 inches tall with dark brown eyes and medium brown hair with a sun kissed glow to it. Wes put Ruby’s head on his chest and he stroked her long brown hair that ran down her back. Wes started softy sing her favorite song.
    “Well” said Ruby yawning and walking back to the kitchen, Wes had stopped singing. “Supper is ready when you are sweetie ok” and she walked in to the kitchen. After a minute Wes joined her to get his plate.
    Later that night about 8:30 or so Ruby got up and went to the bathroom. Wes watched her go to the bathroom and thought nothing of it, she is just going to the bathroom her said to himself. About 5 minutes he got worried so he got up and walked to the bathroom to check up on her.
    He knocked on the door and said “Sweetie are you ok in there?” there was no answer “do you want me to come in there?” after he said that the door opened. Ruby had this look like she was worried, happy, glad, and sad all roll into one. Wes looked at her that asked her what is wrong?
    “Wes” Ruby said softy “I’m pregnant.” With those two little words Wes had the same look on his face that was just like Ruby’s before.

    to be continued