• The sounds of an echoing conversation nipped at the back of my head. I was clearly unconscious yet I heard them clear as day. "What do we do with him?" A female voice said softly, probably so I would not awake. "I don't know, its not like we can just turn him over to the cops. Hes one of us." That was a male voice, he must have been the one that struck me. "Come now Johnathan, he murdered an innocent girl. He deserves death row and thats that."
    "Amy my dear sister, it is clear that the demon remains in him. This guy didn't know what he was doing, and if he did I don't think he could have stopped him." Johnathan and Amy, the names of my attackers.

    "Rise up fool, don't get pushed around!" That voice, hes back and God only knows what he will do if he gains control. I tried to awaken myself, but to no avail. My body started to become cold, hes coming out and I can't stop him. "All right Kiddies! Playtime begins NOW!" That's him, that's is voice. With my sight gone I cannot see what is happening. "What the!?" That must have been Amy's voice, even when startled she sound cute. "Get back on the ground." And that must be Johnathan. Soon after there startled responses, I heard Johnathan and Amy both yell and scream. That sound, the sound of screams, they haunt me. "Come on, whats the matter? I see that you have relinquished your demon powers, how awful. You could have been so strong." Demon powers, is that what these are? Powers of a demon. "Damn you...." That was Johnathan, I have to some how gain control. I will not have the blood of two more on my hands!" "Stop it!" I exclaimed, my body began to feel a slight warmth again. It was nice. I could see, my sight was returning slowly, it was all a blur right now. I could see three silhouettes, one what Johnathan, I could tell with the dark hair, so the more feminine body should be Amy. Then who is the third? My eye gradually came into focus. I was correct. There was Johnathan, Amy and, me. "You little." At that moment I was struck hard in the face, not by Amy nor Johnathan but myself.

    I rubbed my cheek, looked up I saw my attacker in clear view. He was me, down to the last detail. I quickly got to my feet, glanced past him. There was Amy griping her ribs sitting against an old cracked wall. I could not find Johnathan, my copy if you will started his assault, he took a swing at him, I was able to duck in time but not swift enough to dodge his knee, he connected with my nose. That sent me falling back down. I stared up at him from the floor. "You fool, this is way you needed me. Now you are gonna have to die, there can't be two of us now can there? Just as he finished his sentence, I felt harder to breathe, almost as though I was being choked, I began to flail in response to the lack of air. I could hear him chuckle. "Don't worry, it will all be over soon." Then, his eyes became white, he seemed blind from where I was, then I could fell the swift air return to my lungs, I could breathe again. I rolled over and began to cough uncontrollably. "Ouch, I should have know you would try to be a hero." As my coughing fit came to an end I saw Johnathan and my mirror image exchanging blows. Both seeming to not move an inch with each punch.

    Finally the copy falls to one knee. He is than kicked onto his back. As he falls to his back he raises to hands, Johnathan is sent hurtling back into a wall. He falls and lays there motionless on the floor. "No!" I yell out leaping onto him as he tries to get to his feet. I punch him once in the cheek and another in the nose, but he does not seem to care. I am then thrown back against the same wall as Johnathan and then I fell on him. "Ouch, that almost hurt." Great, I did not think this is where I would end up, killed by myself in a manner of speaking. I look up at him, he is there towering over me looking down. He waves to me and then flies up and through the ceiling.