• As the rain falls from the sky it plummets to the ground and upon his head.
    Each drop seeming to hold sadness within it.
    The plants become wilted, the people become sorrowful, Life seems to.. quit trying.

    Thoughts of all things wrong run through his mind at all times.
    Full of Regret, sadness, morning for all that he has done.
    No sight for that which is happy.
    He can see only darkness. Only pain.
    The faint screams of others is his distant ambiance.
    The scream of his own goes unheard.
    He screams and screams but no one hears it.
    They only feel the morrow of his presence.
    He is...

    The Broken...

    Teary eyes open quickly to gather information about their surroundings.
    He attempts to make his vision a little less blurry by rubbing his eye's in a violent manner.
    He was alone.
    "Where did everyone go?"he spoke to himself.
    "Where was..Where am I?"
    He sat up off of the cobble stone road to catch a better look around.
    His eyes drifting about, he found himself in an olden town that looked as if it was build in the early 40's.
    Silence took a hold of him for a good 20 minutes as this all sunk in.
    "What's..wrong with the sky?"He said as he continued to talk to himself.
    The sky was full of ash and flames. Hunks of rocks floating adrift in the sky as if gravity took no law here.
    He wasn't as alone as he thought.

    "The war is happening."
    Taken aback he turned swiftly to his side to see a small boy.
    The boy was sickly thin and looked as if he had no clue what a bath was.
    "Tis the Famine. I know you wanted t' ask." The boy caught the man
    stealing glimpses at his structure.
    "Tis rare that I be alive at all. All me friends have done died."He continued,
    "I'm all alon- Shh..." The boy looked alarm and almost happy.
    The man watched him as the boy scooted around silently.
    "Er.. Whatcha doin'?" he asked aloud.
    The boy pivoted around quickly and loomed at him for a moment,
    only to turn around just as quick.
    A rat was eating at a little chunk of meat lying under a box that was being held by a stick.
    The man noticed that the meat was a little bloody.
    He saw what looked like.. skin attached. It looked human. Dirty, but human.
    The boy tugged at a rope that was lying next to his feet. and the stick flew out from the box and the box fell to the ground.

    "WOO!! I GOT THAT SOM- OF A-!!"
    The boy was ecstatic.
    As he lifted the box, he readied a thick piece of wood.
    He lifted the box and the rat charged toward his feet, the boy jumped up and clubbed it in the skull.
    There was a crack and blood trickled to the ground as he picked up the rat to take a huge chunk out of it.
    He turned and smiled at the man with bloody teeth.
    As the boy's hand was raised to his mouth enjoying the..tender rat,
    the man noticed a bit of the boy's arm missing, he used his own flesh to bait the trap.

    "It's- It's pretty bad here huh?" He felt a bit of sadness as he said this.
    "Nah it's all good." Strangely the boy seemed ok when he said this.
    "Whats your name?" he asked the boy as he watched him chew away at what's left of the rat.
    "Johnathon, What 'bout you mista'?"
    "Er..I'm not sure to tell you the truth." He thought hard to figure this out.
    So odd not to know your own name.
    Something began to arise in his head. A sword...
    His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the boy blurting out his own thoughts.
    " 'Ey you know what I dink? I'm gonna call you Naïlo."
    "Naïlo? What kind of name is that?" he almost laughed at it until he was interrupted
    once more, this time more abruptly.
    "Twas my FATHERS name! 'nd a very GOOD one in my thoughts!"
    "Sorry, it's a nice name, just unusual for me, that's all."
    He looked back to the sky once more and to the distance from the opening in the town that was five feet from him.
    "This isn't going to get any better, is it?"
    He turned to Johnathon to witness a look of fear in his eyes, although his face showed none. He didn't say a word.