• Nathan: Get those thrusters online now!
    Marine: On it sir!
    Tom: Everyone buckle up! Were gonna craaash!
    ^Fade to black^
    Nathan: Is everyone ok?
    Tom: Sir we lost both pilots, Sarge and.. (Gulps) my brother...
    Nathan: Listen up marines! Now that our NCO is dead That means I'm next in command. So please lets make it to that structure over there. (points at a marine) Grab that mongoose, Everyone else get all the weapons you can find. Its time to find out where were at.
    (They are all grouped at the base)
    Nathan" (Points at Marine 1) How much ammo do we have in the Rocket Laucher and Sniper Rifle?
    Marine 1: 3 Clips for the sniper and 4 rockets.
    Nathan: Good. You! How much is in the rifles?
    Marine 2: 5 Clips in the AR and 3 Clips for the BR.
    Nathan: That'll do. Now Everyone with their rifles and pistol conserve ammo. We might not know whats out here
    (Camera pans to show the canyon, Cuts to show an alien in the back ground with a group of them waiting)
    Alien 1: Wart wart wart blarg wort warg.
    Translation: We will suprise attack tonight. Slaughter all of them.
    (Cut to Nathan Patroling the perimeter and comes across one of them)
    Nathan: Hello? Who.. Who are you?
    Alien 3: Whargh!!
    Nathan: AAAAAAAAH!!
    (Sounds of rifle fire)
    Alien 1: Whargh larg wort blarg-- I know you can understand us. Now. You will work for us and help get us out of here. First bring me your computer and we will link up with our base to send help. After you do that you will help us slaughter the Humans for the rest of your time being.
    Nathan: Yes Sir!
    (Cut to him taking the computer, then is back at the Alien base with it)
    Alien 1: Lets go slaughter them!
    Nathan: HAZZA!!
    (cut to Tom looking through the sniper rifle)
    Tom: He has betrayed us. Men get ready for an attack. I know some of you don't have the training for this but I'll protect you. Now lets get ready. Everyone turn your lights off and hide quietly.
    (The Aliens and Nathan attack)
    Alien 1,2, and 4: Where are they! Where have they gone! I need to kill them now I haven't tasted blood in months!
    Nathan: I know their here. I'll draw them out. Men! I got a transmission from Command they are sending a...
    (Is beat down by tom and all the Marines step in and attack the Aliens)
    Tom: Kill them! Kill them all!
    (Nathan hits Tom in the back and Tom jumps on the Mongoose and runs off, Nathan gets in the ghost and follows him)
    Nathan: If you stop running then maybe we can rule the galaxy and light the holy rings! Together with the Covenant! We could Walk The Path forever!
    (The mongoose then flips over and Tom is standing on top of a ledge)
    Tom: Why have you betrayed us like this! Why?!
    Nathan: Because, Its just easier.
    (He shoots Tom in the head, Tom falls off the cliff and the camera pans up to show the Fire squad slaughtered by the Elites)
    (Shows a Banshee layed out for him)
    Alien 1: This is for you.
    Nathan: Your leaving me?
    Alien 1: We have no use for you anymore. You scum.
    Nathan: But I wanted to walk the path with you!
    Alien 1: Well now you can die!
    (They leave. Nathan is then seen flying across Sandtrap and crash landing into a temple. Shows him with the Crazed marines in the present watching Phil, Mike, and Sarah.)
    Nathan: Now is the time for him to know what actually happened 15 years ago... Ready the vehicles
    (Shows a Marine thats deformed and scary looking, The marines growls)
    Nathan: Time to show them... Jake.
    (Camera gets closer to jake then fade to black)
    ^Fade to black^