• Loudmask awoke when she felt something heavy land on belly-it was her brothers paw.She looked up at Hawkclaw,his face was covered in fear."Loudmask!wake up! they've found us!" Hawkclaw whisperd urgently,fear burning in his eyes as his fur bristled.Fear and horror clawed at loudmasks belly as she scented the deadlyclan.She jerked up,the ember hanging from a pouch made out of mouse hide and vines dangling from her neck.She scrambled out of the cave and ran for the forest,Hawkclaw following close behind.All of a sudden,2 cats jumped out of a tree,hissing and spitting at them.They turned the other way,but only to be greeted by 5 other cats,two of which were crowblood and his deputy vultureear.Hawkclaw andLoudmask huddled together,trying not look afraid and swipeing at some of the cats."ahhh,Loudmask,and whos this again?" said crowfeather casually,flicking his ear torward Hawkclaw."im hawkclaw!dont play dum! you have been chasing us for 3 moons now! u know who i am!" spat Hawkclaw,not daring to break eye contact."now now,no need to be rude,u just know i have won!" meowed Crowblood."just hand over the ember and you shall not die".Loudmask summend all her bravery up and said"giving this to you is not a option" she growled. As Crowblood even started to move his tail to summon them to attack,Hawkclaw whisperd"climb the tree!" and they both leaped for the tree,but the tribe of blood had been perpared and leaped for them.Loudmask felt pain in her tail as she and brother tore away from the cats.As fast as light they fled into the black part,of the forest.

    thats all for now guys,please,if u want the story to go on,tell me by posting u want it to, if i get ten requests for it to go on,i will contuinue it on, thanks!