• There once was a little girl named Rosalind. She lives on an island village, connected to the mainland by a beam bridge. Rosalind loves to play on the bridge with her friends. They would play Prince and Princess, Wedding, and Family. Deep inside, Rosalind always hoped that her prince would come by, wed her on the bridge, and have a lovely family.

    As the little children grew up, they grew apart. They stopped playing little games, and started to walk the path of maturity. Rosalind, however, always lingers around the beam bridge, leaning against the parapets, looking into the horizon. She loved the bridge, because it connected her world, a beautiful world, to the dark world outside her little island village. But soon enough, the dark world crept into the hearts and minds of the village people. Rosalind’s world was changing for the worse.

    Rosalind saw crime, sickness, and tears. She experienced love, rejection, hate, and abuse. She wanted that all to go away. She did all she could to achieve her Disney ending. But no, reality was catching up. Rosalind would run to her bridge and hide there, thinking of what she could do. Her stress and emotions clouded her mind and judgment. Her mind was out of control. She was going crazy.

    A little whisper was heard. A whisper from the bridge, Rosalind knew. The bridge behind her said, ‘If you can’t make the bad world go away, why don’t you go away?’ .Rosalind was shocked. Why didn’t she think of that sooner? She walked to the middle of the bridge, climbed on top of the parapet, and looked. The world looked so pretty, she thought. She wanted to be a part of that world, so she jumped. She jumped, but she missed that beautiful world she saw. Instead, she landed in the watery gates of another world. It wasn’t as beautiful as that last world she saw, but this moist land had no sickness, death, crime, or tears. It was a world of nothing.