• “Ahh...you're awake”, came a close by voice. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a small house. I suddenly recognised it as my house and tried to get up. “No no...you shouldn't get up yet. It's best if you rest for just a little longer”, it said again. I looked to my side and there, standing next to my bed with his arms crossed, stood a man with armour similar to mine. “ You fell from a cliff, but the snow must have cushioned your fall. You were bruised and suffered a bit of frostbite, so recovery will take a few days”, he explained. I couldn't believe my luck. I had fallen very far but only had bruises, this was incredible. Suddenly his tone changed, “ I'm not so much worried about the bruise on your back as much as the bruise to your ego...” , I new where this was heading. He was talking about me being defeated by the Tigrex. “ You are definitely going to need some days rest!” he said with a slight chuckle. He left my house and I slipped slowly back asleep.

    A few days later the sun shone bright through my bedside window and onto my sleeping head. I could hear the hustle and bustle of the villagers through my window. Suddenly there was a scream and I quickly got up. I grabbed my armour and strapped it piece by piece, then I grabbed my sword and went outside in a hurry. Outside, there was a crowd near the village entrance. “Hey, what's going on?”, I shouted, but no one answered. They were to busy with whatever was in the middle of the crowd. I pushed y way to the middle and what I saw next made me step back in disgust. A body lay on the floor with no head. It was of the other village hunter who had gone after the same Tigrex I had lost to. There was a pool of blood around him and some claw marks on his armour. There was also something else on him. I bent down to inspect it. It looked like a large scale, which had definitely not come of the Tigrex. There was something else out there, something with large silver scales.

    Elsewhere, the beast licked the fresh blood of it's claws. It had been easy to take out the hunter. It had definitely not realised the beast was there and was also not expecting him. Once his claws were clean, he opened his glorious silver wings and flew off in the direction of the mountain, it's long silver tail swishing behind it.