• Geisenbrooke Experimentation Lab
    Location: Unknown

    Darkness.Waking up in a dark room surrounded by cages just like yours.You open your eyes and try to stretch in the available room.A scientist walks by, making you cringe away from the memories of pain,despair,and little to look forward to in the future.Death follows you as you try to survive,making you wonder if there's anything beyond the little cage and the pain.

    Welcom to GEL

    Experiment #: 313
    Gender: Female
    Species: Homo sapien
    Project type : Limits

    Death date:8/9/98

    The time for experimentation was at it's end. Guards arrived to look after the experiments while the scientists put them away and head toward their assigned apartment buildings.

    313 collapsed to the floor of her cage as the scientist put her away.She sighed,curling up into a little ball while watching the scientists leave.They'll be back again she thought wearily,turning over lay on her stomach.She looked to the cages to her left and right for company.
    The cage to her right held a little girl,about five or six, with deep scars and small bumps on her back.The little girl wimpered and cried most of the time. The cage on her left was empty.Poor thing thought 313 dully,remembering a baby boy with armorlike skin all over his body.

    313 closed her eyes and tried to remember happier times.

    If only for awhile....

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