• Every second trickling by, reminded her of the place that had become her prison. Every moment that slipped through her fingers, gave her the sense of desperation. How did it come to this, why had it come to this? All that she had now, were the shadows and the reminders of times gone by.
    How much did she lose, how long had she been here. In this prison without windows and doors? This place that was inside her mind, where nothing mattered, but the darkness and the empty space of desperation and abandonment. She couldn’t remember, she couldn’t remember anything.

    She was kicking and screaming, but why could no one hear her? She was bleeding, but no one could see it. Why, why couldn’t no one see?! Why was there no one to help her, why was no one to get her out. She wanted to leave, she wanted to see the world. She wanted to see the sky, but it wasn’t happening…. Why…. Why
    The silence and the loneliness were eating her up inside and she could feel it breaking through the last few fragile defences.

    Alone, she was so alone. Why was she alone… why did no one care about what she did… why was there no one here with her. She was so cold and so alone, but she knew, that it just took a little bit longer.
    But that’s how it always was, wasn’t? Just a little bit further, always a little bit further. Each step and each wait, dragging it out even further and it hurt so much.
    Why… why couldn’t it go faster?

    Curled up in the corners of her mind, she was weeping. Tears of blood, never stopped flowing, but no one ever would care. Clawing at her skin, she lost all that she loved… and then she could feel it. She could hear it…
    The first few cracks, allowing light to filter through. The first glances of the world in all it’s glory and ugliness.
    But before she knew it, it all shattered. Cutting into her, tearing apart skin.

    Everything crumbled and the walls were painted a bloody red.