• *~Chapter 1~*

    "Alice time for school!"

    Her mom's voice rings in her ears while trying to get up and get ready for her first day of high school. Once she was ready she ate her breakfast and ran to catch the school bus.

    Alice is 12 years old and is going off into high school. I know right? A twelve year old going into high school? Well as you may already know, she is a very smart girl. And she has the looks and mind of a 14 year-old girl.

    She had many friends in middle school, but now she had to leave them behind. She knew everything! She could tell you all the cities in a state, tell you how many seconds are in a year, or even how to draw like a professional mangaka without any practice. But the only thing she did not understand how to have a relationship. She had never had a first date, nor even a boyfriend. She never held a boy's hand, or had a first kiss.

    "OK, my first class is- English... I'm a little early, but I'd rather be early than late any day. Especially on my first day!"

    While walking to her class she bumped into another student.

    "Oh my! I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" asked Alice
    "No you didn't, it's OK accidents happen. Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"
    "Alice, and you?"
    "Lisa. Are you a freshman?"
    "Yes, and you" repeated Alice.
    "Yep, I'm a fishy. What class are you going to?"
    "Um... English."
    "Oh lovely! Me too! Do you want to walk to class together?"
    "Er... sure" answered Alice.

    After talking to Lisa for a while, Alice and her became quick friends. They both enjoyed sports and band. After about five minutes, they figured they were going to be late for class, so they had to make a short-cut. Alice hated the short-cut. Everywhere she looked she saw couples holding hands. Nothing disturbing, but it made her feel lonely. She never had a relationship before, and seeing all of those couples made her feel left out.

    Once they left the corridor and into the classroom they took their seats, and Alice said to herself, "I'm never going through that hallway ever again."

    "OK class, settle down. Take your seats,"

    Alice looked up seeing who might have been the English teacher who was talking.

    "Now I want all of you to one at a time, say your name and your favorite hobby. OK? Good, begin."
    "My name is Darsey, and I love making new friends."
    "My name is Lisa, and I adore sports."

    Every time I heard someone talk all I could hear was, "Blah, blah, blah." It was my turn so I stood up.

    "My name is Alice, and I enjoy reading manga, and drawing manga."

    The class was still. Everybody was staring at her with blank faces, including Lisa.

    "Excuse me child. What is manga?" asked the teacher.
    "Er... they're like Japanese comic books, but you read them backwards."
    "Oh OK... um... please take your seat. Next."

    I sat back down. I felt like an idiot, but how could I have known that nobody knew what 'manga' was? I put my hands over my face. Until I heard the person next to me speak.

    "My name is Michael, and I like to play basketball."

    I picked up my head. Then there he was. The most beautiful human I could have ever seen! Right next to me! I stared at him. He had semi-long blonde hair with gorgeous blue/green eyes. He was about 6 ft. tall and was the most handsomest boy you could have every laid eyes on. I stared at him with awe, until-


    I heard a voice, I finally came back to my senses to realize that he was talking to me while I was still staring at him.

    "Um... Hi. I'm Alice."
    "I know, you said your name before I did."
    "Oh, right. Sorry"
    "It's OK, I forget sometimes too."

    He winked and smiled at me then turned back to the teacher. Once I could tell he wasn't looking at me I hit my head with my desk as hard as I could. I was so stupid! But he sounded so gentle, all I could do during the whole class was look at him. But of course I would look away when he was looking my way.

    The bell rang and I was so happy to leave. I was afraid that if I stayed at that seat any longer I would've just fainted out of awe. Until the teacher said, "You will be sitting in these seats all year!" while we were leaving the classroom to go to our next class. Then I said, "Great... well I am for sure going to have to study a lot harder in this class."