• Chapter 2

    ~~~The only evidence they found that day was some hoof prints in the dirt on the floor, and they aren’t sure what that’s about. Now I’m 14. I came home from school that day upset. “How was the last day of school Gray?” my dad asked my as I came in.
    ~~~“Just another lonely, friendless day of mercilessly getting made fun of for everything about me, someone through my lunch over the fence today…. Please don’t get mad when the principal calls. Oh, I got my report card today… straight A’s.”
    ~~~“Wow could your day have gone any better” my dad replied in a sarcastic voice. “Any way congratulations on your report card…have any summer homework?”
    ~~~“Still not any homework.” I said with a look like he should have known that already. After he got done talking to me about school, I ran off to my room.
    ~~~The room used to be my moms. I had a really bad day that day. The teasing has gotten worst. My hair slightly changes color with my mood, but normally it is blond with blue, red, black, orange, and green highlights… Gray eyes. I usually wear a blue t-shirt, black half jacket, kaki tan knee length shorts, and black chucks. And, of course, my mom’s locket… It is a green tented golden seaweed, with a golden heart. I always get teased because of my hair. AKA people like making me mad so they can see it change.
    ~~~I got down on my floor and traced where the hoof prints are. When I got my mom’s room I outlined exactly where the hoofs were. Whenever I have a really ad day at school I trace them with my finger. Whenever I do that I feel a slight breeze. But today it felt a little stronger. I looked around, but none of my windows were open. I decided to change my clothes into something more casual. I opened my closet door to grab something. I was about to close my door when something caught my eye. It looked like a hinge near the bottom of my wall. I don’t know why I had never noticed it before.
    ~~~I moved my rug. There was a small trap door in the floor. I figured that there was just a small crawl space there. I ran of digging in my drawers for a flash light and a few other necessities (such as a little food, two bottles of water, a piece of paper to draw a map on, and some rope). I had heard about some of the crawl spaces in our neighborhood. They were like labyrinths, with all the tunnels and little caves concealed within.
    ~~~Before I went down I yelled to my dad “Dad! I found a crawl space… I’m going to explore!”
    ~~~I went so fast that I didn’t hear him yell back that we didn’t have a crawl space in the upper levels, even thought most people did in our neighborhood. I jumped in the floor door and closed in on top of me. I grabbed my flash light out of my backpack and turned it on. This tunnel was stone on the floor, ceiling, and walls. There were things set in the wall, which look like they would hold torches. I went through the tunnel, but was disappointed when I didn’t find any other tunnels… Just different caves.
    ~~~I finally saw the end… but, it wasn’t what I had expected. It was another door. A small wooden door set in the stone. Once I had gotten over to the door, I decided that I might as well see where in the house it went. Probably just out side, but hey it could be useful in the future. Boy was I right. But a lot more useful than I thought.