• Days passed in the village of Konoha. Sakura wasn't a genin nor a chunnin anymore, she was now a jounin, and Naruto wasn’t the same kid he used to be, he too, was a jounin. The nights had become cooler and the winds became stronger. As days went by, things started to become more serious. It was the day that would change her life. A day that would meet fate, a day unlike all other days. This was the day she left Konoha village and joined the Akatsuki. Naruto was on his way to Ichiraku Ramen Shop when he bumped into Sakura.

    " Hi Sakura-Chan" the knuckle headed ninja bursted out.

    " Oh..Hi Naruto didn’t see you there" Sighed Sakura.

    "What’s wrong Sakura-Chan" the knuckled headed ninja said with a sudden guilt in his heart.

    "It's nothing Naruto-Kun. Oh, by the way, Tsunade needs you in her office…seems like you have a mission. Please be careful". Smiled Sakura.

    "I will, thanks Sakura". Beamed the smiling ninja.

    And off he went leaving a sad and lonely kunoichi…
    She was alone. Her parents died, she had less friends and she was getting sick of her home in Konoha. She had restless nights and all she thought about was running away and leaving the village for good. Seemed like a good plan, but only one problem. She could’nt do it. What would her Sensei think? Most of all, what would Naruto think. She couldn’t take the suffering and pain anymore. Because Sasuke died she felt guilty. Even though she wasn’t to blame, it was the sick, twisted Orochimaru that killed Sasuke. But why did she feel this way? She needed to get rid of her thoughts once and for all.

    "CHA! That’s it. I will leave this village for good and start a new life somewhere else. Somewhere far away, where Naruto, Sensei or the Anbu Black Ops cant find me". Sakura thought.

    "Then lets do it". Inner Sakura said

    "Alright this is it. I will pack later and leave tomorrow at dawn where there’s fewer ninja about". Thought Sakura as she drifted into a heavy slumber.

    A few hours passed when she woke up. It was during the night and she hadn’t slept so well. She only managed to get two hours of sleep. It was 3am and she needed to leave soon.

    "Aww, can’t we sleep some more"? Inner Sakura yawned

    "No we can’t. Now we need to leave as soon as possible before the sun rises, and the ninja find we are gone". Sakura sighed.

    "Oh right. Let’s pack then". Inner Sakura said whilst yawning.

    Just then, she heard a knock on the door; a rather loud knock, which turned into banging.

    "I’m coming, shh. It’s late". Sakura yawned

    She opened the door and a tall, raven haired man stood at the door way. He looked almost like Sasuke, but he had different facial features. One of the features where lines going from his eyes down his nose, and he had his hair in a ponytail. Could this be the man who Sasuke wanted to get his revenge on? He was wearing a black robe with red clouds which covered his face, making him seem more mysterious.

    "You look like Sasuke". Sakura pointed out as she stared up at him

    "That is......because I’m his brother. I am Uchiha Itachi and I know about you, Sakura". The mysterious man said.

    "Oh...You’re the one who killed your clan, and you’re also the one Sasuke was after". Sakura said as she started backing into the wall, and was ready to get her weapons out when she got stopped.

    "I am, but I am not here to hurt you Sakura. I am here to help you". Itachi said with that same facial expression.

    "Help me? How”? Sakura was shocked on what she heard.

    "Yes. I am here to take you to the Akatsuki". Itachi insisted, still keeping that same, expressionless face.

    "Ok, I will go with you. But be warned. You and the Akatsuki dare to mess with me, and you will regret it". Sakura retorted.

    "Oh, we won’t hurt you. I’ll make sure of that. Trust me". Grinned Itachi.

    "Fine, but I will stay by your side whilst I am there, ok”? Sakura replied, with a slight blush.

    "Don’t fall in love with the enemy! Keep focus"! Inner Sakura whispered.

    "Keep focus. Right". Replied Sakura.

    Itachi was about to head for the door, when he got stopped by Sakura, who decided to climb on his back.

    "What are you doing, Sakura-Chan"? Blushed Itachi, who did his best to hide his face even more, but couldn’t.

    "I’m tired, and I could fall asleep any minute. So it would be best if you carried me". Yawned Sakura, who was nodding off.

    "Fine, I’ll carry you, but I have your stuff to carry as well". Sighed Itachi.

    Sakura was soon asleep on his back and hoping that this wasn’t a nightmare of some sorts.