• "Silver Evolution!!" Minazuki shouted. The pendant glowed and an aura surrounded her. Once the aura dispersed she was wearing different clothes, it was a sapphire color with golden linings. The pendant became a part of the outfit.” What is this feeling?" She looked and Miharu had different outfit as well, but the same color. Miharu's outfit had one strap with sapphire ribbons.
    "Just call me the wind celestial: Procne."Miharu smiled.
    Minazuki couldn't believe what was happening, but she knew what she had to do. She had to stop whatever came at her. "Yue, what's going on?” She asked.
    "The beginning is now. Celeste, Mika and I will explain later. First we have to stop them from destroying Tokyo."Yue answered. Minazuki nodded in agreement and the three sprinted in the direction the blast headed.
    When they arrived there was a heavy feeling of dark aura, like gravity multiplied by at least ten times. Minazuki had trouble standing, but Miharu and Yue seemed fine. Why aren't they affected by this? I'm practically choking on this aura... Minazuki thought. Miharu bent down,” Just suppress your aura around you, you will be fine." She smiled. Minazuki stood up and noticed a dark figure.
    "Oh, so the princess was wrong. The silver celestial is alive and kicking, we'll just have to change that." he smiled an eerie smile. He smoothed his hazel hair back, revealing his dark satin eyes.” The name is Hazel-Gem (Age confused ??, Height:5’8”,Hair co.: Hazel, Occupation: Servant of the Gold Celestial), nice to kill you." He bowed and laughed a wicked laugh. Minazuki stepped back in fear, but noticed a sword in her outfit's hilt.
    Where'd that come from? She questioned. Oh well... She drew her sword It will have to do!! She charged her aura and darted for him. Hazel moved out of the way as if he were mocking her.
    "Child's play…" He held his hand near her stomach and shot a dark energy ball at Minazuki.
    "Silver!!" Procne shouted as she watched her being blown away. Feeling anger rise within herself she charged toward Hazel. "Procne's Storm!!" She shouted as she waved a giant fan at him. Yue then came out of the gust and attacked.
    "Crescent Barrage!!" A series of quarter moons rained down and hit its mark.
    Hazel had defended himself and held a doll in his hand.” Have fun with my toy, I hope…”Hazel was interrupted by a strong aura.[i] What the hell?!?! This aura… I can’t suppress it!![i/] He looked to see it was Minazuki but she was different. Her eyes were shaded silver. [i]Her aura!!! It took over!![i/] He held out his hand for another dark blast,” No matter…” he said. “I can kill you… easily.”
    With the blink of an eye Minazuki was close enough to Hazel. “How about this: Whoever sent you, can drop dead!!! Celestial Strike!!” Minazuki kicked Hazel high into the sky. He was high enough for a nosebleed, but Minazuki flew up to get in another attack. “Disperse…” she held her hand in Hazel’s face and a wave of aura hit its mark.
    Meanwhile, Yue and Procne were struggling with Hazel’s doll: Iris. “Raging gusts!!” Procne shouted as she boosted Yue’s Crescent Barrage. Minazuki came back down to assist her comrades.
    “Silver Purification…” Minazuki whispered. An array of purification symbols surrounded the doll and disintegrated it.
    After the attacks of Hazel-Gem and Iris, the three friends returned to their normal state and headed to school. Nearly passing out, Minazuki was obviously exhausted. It took Yue some time to heal her endurance. The day went normally after lunch.
    Hazel-Gem reported to his master, the “Golden Princess”. “Gold-hime, I am sorry…I failed.” he bowed in dissatisfaction.
    “It’s that damnation Silver Celestial….” She growled.” Next time, take Myu-gem (Age confused ??, Height: 5’0”, Hair co.: Yellow-green, Occupation: Servant of the Golden Celestial) with you.” she stroked Myu-Gem’s hair. “Myu-Gem, I want you to kill this girl. She’ll stop our plans to be together…”
    Myu-Gem looked into her master’s eyes,” No, I want to make your dream a reality. She must die for her ignorance.” Myu agreed with the celestial.
    “Good… and make her suffer.” The Golden Celestial smiled. She laughed, a laugh that was so evil it echoed through the depths of space, only to be heard by the emptiness of the dark. Minazuki was in for a life changing experience.

    To be continued…