• He was my love.My eternal love.He was the only one I could stand to be around. I had grown up to hate his kind;Vampire. All of my life, which was spent with my grandma and mom, I had learned to hate them and stay away from them. Then I saw him. At first it had confused me, why had he been walking around downtown Kingsland, on a hot, more then sunny day?Vampires don't like the sun light. Its not that they burn or anything, it just makes them uncomfortable.I guess he did look kinda jumbled, but not like the others would have. But this person was definetly a vampire, I could sense it. He was around hundreds of humans, and seemed perfectly under control. I jogged down the next 3 blocks home. Grandma would be interested.
    I lived in the city, and I hated it. Kingsland isn't a big city, but its big enough. I walked more then 5 blocks to school everyday, and I walked over 5 blocks back. Mom didn't want to drive if she didn't have to. I would get to school late everyday, and wouldn't get home till after 5 if she did drive, or If I had a car.
    I grew up in a world with vampires. They were everywhere and they looked just like us, and acted just like us. Only some people, who had background knowledge of them, could notice they were any different then themselves.Vampire usually worked night shifts, drove cars with extremely tinted windows, and even when they did go outside during the day, you couldn't see any skin. I hated vampires. I hated that they killed people. I hated that they were so cruel and evil. I hated how unbelievably gorgeous they were; But I hated this certain vampire most of all. This vampire was abnormal, and I was completely in love with him.
    I had seen him plenty of times. He walked around the park, helped old ladies cross roads, and bought things from the stores. He just seemed perfectly normal, more normal then the noctournal vampires. The most abnormal thing about him was, I had First, Thrid,Study Hall, and Fith period with him. He was my lab partner in Chemistry, which was 3rd period.This vampire, who went by Dylan, went to Linworth High School. He knew I knew what he was, But he would never admit.
    Dylan Lantence was easily the hottest vampire is the history of forever. He had long, wavy black hair, and is around 6 feet tall. I think every girl is in love with him, but is terrified of how he looks at them. He looks at all of them like their something to eat. He looks at everyone that way. He got straight A's, but thats because the teachers were afraid of him,too. I was the only one confident enough to even make eye contact. When he talked, it was like silk. He knew exactly what words to say, and how to say it. God, did I hate him.
    Every day he would talk to me. He would say hello in the halls, and work on Chem with me. He sat with me during Study Hall, and he acted like we were best friends. We were most definetly not best friends. When the other girls saw him walking with me, they shot me the most evil look. It looked like "What the hell are you doing with him, you nerdy emo b***h."
    I wanted to confronted Dylan. I planned to do it in the park, at night. If anything were to happen, I sure as hell didn't want observers. I would talk to him, ask why he went to school, and ask why he even talked to me. I would ask how he walked around in the light. I would find a way to fall out of love. And then the day came. It was a Saturday night, And I managed to get his phone number as the bell rang on Friday. He knew to meet me under the big maple, and he knew what I wanted to talk about.
    The night went by in a blur...

    Dylan was already waiting for me when I got to the tree, which is in the very very back left corner of the park.
    "Hello , Amy." He kicked himself off the tree he was leaning against and came closer to me.
    "Hello Dylan." I took a step back.
    "Frightened of me?" he laughed. It kinda made me laugh to, I mean I went to school with him.
    "Only slightly.I only grew up to hate you."
    "But Amy. You know I would never hurt you. I could never hurt you as bad as the others could."
    "If you lost control you, you could hurt me."
    "Not as bad as they could." He stepped close to me.
    "You never know."
    "Yes I do. I have a secret of my own."
    "You mean other then the fact that your a blood sucker?"
    "Oh yes. But there is much more to that. I don't drink blood."
    "Lies." I tried to say it, but it came out as a hiss.
    "Not lies. I.Don't.Drink.Blood."
    "You are a vampire, of course you do." I went to sit by the tree. I was going to be here awhile.
    "That is where you are wrong, terribly wrong." He turned back around to look at me.
    "But you look at everyone like you want to eat them."
    "You sound almost sad about that, love. But I look at everyone that way. But I don't. I mean you don't want to eat them, do you?"
    "No! Why would I? I mean I am human."
    "So am I dear. The only difference between you and me is that, 1) I have fangs, and my venom is poisonis.2)The light kinda makes it akward. 3) I do eat my meat raw. 4) I can fly. 5) I come from a vampire family, and 6) I am extremely fast and strong."
    "What?" I squeaked. He came and sat next to me. He draped is arm around my shoulder and held me.
    "Calm down. It'll be fine."
    "But..." was all I could get before I felt his lips, long and disarable on mine.
    The night went like that, we touched and kissed and talked.He held me all night, and we had normal people conversations, until he said one, extremely abnormal thing.
    "I want to change you."
    "No thank you. I like being a virgin."
    "Not like that...."
    "Uhm.Okay? You want me to go home and change my clothes?"
    "Noo, Kitten. I want to change you."
    "You......what?" God.Oh God.
    " I want you to be like me...so I don't have to be careful. So we can imprint. So you can finally have what you want."
    "Me?Vampire?With you?"Ohhhh Shiiittttttt.
    "Yes, Kitten.You.Vampire.With Me." he laughed. How is the freak is this amusing?
    "I...I....I...I can't."
    "Why not? I do want you, Kitten.I would not change you and leave. I love you."
    "Because !" I shifted my position in his arms." I grew up to hate you! Your kinds kills mine ! I love with my grandma and my mother ! I'm not even out of high school!"
    "Its not like I'm asking you to Marry me. I just want you to be with me." he made it sound like he actually needed me to become a vampire. Like if he changed me, something else would go away.
    "I want to...But I can't."
    "Why is that, Kitten?"
    "Because I am human. I just..."
    "Honey, I need you to do this. You'll be happier. You won't have to worry anymore. You're grandma and mom will understand. They have probably been thinking that one day you would find me, and without thought give your self up."
    "No. I.. I need time."
    "Time? I have plenty of time."
    "So you understand?"
    "Of course. And even if you choose not to, I'll be here until your gone." He started to get up, and I looked at my phone. It was almost 6:00 am. I had been here since 10 last night. The sun was rising..I guess he saw my face.
    "We both have to go, Kitten." He kissed me deep and sincerely and left.
    The next year passed by the exact same way. Going to the park every Friday and Saturday night at 10, and not coming home till 6. We spent out nights kissing and touching and talking. Never did he once mention changing me again.

    One Day, I had made my decision. I was going to change for him. I was going to give up my mortal life, for immortality and love.Only one thing came in the way of that.

    I met Dylan at the park, and he was leaning against the same tree as always.Before he even managed to kiss me, or even touch me I muttered"I'm ready..."
    He didn't say anything, he just kissed me. After a long second he said,
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yes. Completely. I have had over a year to think about this."
    "Are you ready to give up your entire life and ready to love me forever?"
    "I love you, Amy."
    "I love you more Dylan."
    "Well obviously. I'd be scared shitless and run away from you in a heartbeat if you ask to change me into a vampire."
    "Well thanks, thats helps so much." I paused and then continues."So how to we do this?"
    "Simple, I bit you,drink a little from you. I promise it won't be much, I'm gonna hate that part. And then Im gonna have to cut myself then, you drink a little from. In a few hours, you'll be just like me."
    "A few hours?"
    "Your body has to change, Kitten."
    "Oh.." He lifted up my head and began to kiss my neck...I could feel his "teeth" Almost ready to sink in when I hear a low hiss. Dylan instantly stopped everything. I heard him mutter"Zoe..."
    He stepped infront of my causually and stared at her.
    She was gorgeous, and she was a vampire. Her hair was long, almost to her ankles, and it was a dark shade of blond. Her eyes were blue, and her features perfect.
    "Dylan...." he hissed.
    "Go away Zoe. I don't want to hurt you."
    "You would never hurt me. You love me."
    "I never did. And I never will."
    "Hes going to do the same thing to you little child. Change you, lie to you, and leave you.", Zoe's eyes locked on mine.
    " I would never hurt her..."
    "Lies! All Lies ! You told Abby the same thing when she came to warn me about you. When she said you would leave me.Of course I wouldn't believe her, you loved me. But I wasn't right, and you dropped me quicker then a bat out of hell." she started to walk forward a little and stopped again.She looked at me, and started talking to me this time,"I am here to warn you. Dylan is a vampire Prince. He must look for the right human to fulfil his queen's place.Everyone girl he changes will try and take the throne, and so far everyone has failed. It is the last girls job to warn the next one."Zoe turned back to Dylan"But I am not here to warn. I am here for revenge. You left me and lied to me. I don't like liars." and she pounced. All I remember before going under is Zoe hitting Dylan with full impact, and me hitting the tree a little bit too hard.
    And when time came, Zoe was wrong, and now dead. Dylan didn't lie to me, I was the one. I had taken forth the throne, and I had everything I could ever ask for. I had my Dylan,Zoe was dead*Dylan had killed her in the fight when I was completely oblivious*, My family still loved me. I was passing all my classes,and Dylan Lantence was taking me to Senior Prom.