• "I understand that!" Lela screamed at angry Jack. "I'm leaving!" Jack barked back. "Jack, don't make it harder then it needs to be!" Lela shouted back. "He's a killer!" Jack screamed once more. His mom, Lela, gave up. She watched her twelve-year-old son walk out the door. Ken, Lela's new boyfriend, put a arm around her. "Don't worry honey. He'll be back once he finds out how hard it is to live on the street." He explained. "It's not that, Ken! He's only twelve and he hates you!" She cried. Ken kissed the back of her head. "Oh, honey. He is looking for excuses so we don't get married. And you have OUR two babies who need you." Lela broke from his grip. As she walked up the stairs she slowly turned to Ken. "Then how did he get that excuse, huh? This is also not the first time he left because of you! What did you do to him?" The tears filled her eyes as she walked up the rest of the stairs.

    That night was cold and hungry for young Jack. He sat there in an old ally way which was not new to him. He was there for almost two months the last time he ran away. He started to cry. He was in pain. He wanted his mom to believe him. That night the dreams got to him. The dreams about the death of his young mother. The tears became worse. This was not a dream, this was a nightmare. The next morning he woke to the voice of Ken. "Hey, Jack. Please come home. Your mom won't stop crying! She needs you. So get into the car, NOW!" Believe it or not Ken was really nice right now. Jack could not bare being away from his mom again so he did as Ken requested. He came home to see his mom crying in joy. She grabbed his arm and took him up stairs. She brought him into her room and slightly closed the door. "We're leaving tomorrow morning. I'll wake you up, ok!" The tears streamed down her face. Little did they know that Ken was listening outside the door.

    The next morning Jack was still asleep. He woke up by himself and looked at the clock. He didn't understand why his mom didn't wake him up earlier because it was 10:00. He ran to his baby brother's and baby sister's room. They weren't there. He ran to his mom's room. Both her and Ken were not there. The bed was not made either. He ran down stairs to see a heart shattering scene. His mom dead on the floor. Pool of blood was outlining her body. Her eyes wide open and blood shot. He ran over to Lela's corps and hugged it. He cried there covered in blood for hours. The neighbors saw Jack covered in blood and called the cops. They arrived a few minutes later. Jack was driven to a orphanage. Jack has been telling people that Ken had killed Lela and kidnapped the babies but no one believed him. Jack has decided to prove Ken guilty. But that won't be easy!