• Chapter Four: Lilycove
    Okay, so it's been three weeks of blindness so far. Lily said yesterday she has a surprise for me as a present for all I've been though. I wonder what it could be. She can't actually give me anything, mostly because what fun is there when you can't see what you got.

    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That dang phone will never shut up for one day. Everyday since my "accident" happened, someone has called wishing a "Get well soon" or "Hope you feel better". Which that one makes no common sense to say because how can I get better when im blind? Oh joy! I might get 2% of my vision back, I'm gonna throw a party! (That was sarcasm if you didn't catch that) BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I guess I should answer that now.


    "Hey!" It was Lily, in her usual bubbly voice. "You ready for your surprise?"

    "Um, I guess, what is it?" Just hoping she might answer that question.

    "You act like im actually gonna tell you, it's a surprise, therefore you'll figure out when I take you there." Hopefully she's knows that im still not gonna know where we’re at because I cant see the place, oh well.

    "Is Gregory coming?" Gregory is Greg's full name.

    “Yes Greg’s coming, don’t argue with him.”

    “Aww, but what fun is there in that?” That made her giggle a little.

    “Not funny, I’ll see you when I get there.”

    “I’ll see you two...oh wait, no I won’t.” She started laughing and hung up the phone. All I can do now is laugh about me being blind, I mean, at least im not dead.

    Time sure does move slower since I’ve been blind. Probly because I have nothing to do now. I used to watch TV or play PS2, but that involves my eyes. Mostly everything I used to do involved my eyes. Reading books, writing stories, heck I can’t even go to the bathroom standing up anymore. I guess this would be the time I plugged in the phrase “You don’t now how much something means to you until it’s truly gone” . But that just wouldn’t be me, my phrase would be more of “WHY CAN’T SOMEONE COME UP WITH A GAME FOR A BLIND PERSON?!?”.

    DING DONG! Well there’s the door. Now where is my Walking Cane? Oh, duh, right next to me, you think I’d be able to find that easier than I did. I walked down the hallway using my candy cane shaped stick. CLICK! CLACK! Down the hall and I haven’t hit a wall just ye- THUMP! Ow, that hurt, oh well, almost made it all the way. I moved my hand along the wall, coming to this round, cold, metal object. I guess it wasn’t a wall, it was the door. I opened it up.

    “Lily?” I was making sure it was her and not someone else.

    “Yup.” There’s that word. Lily’s word. “You ready?”

    “I guess.” Now since it has been three weeks I have memorized (using my walking stick) how get to her car and inside the right door. After a few seconds I make it to her car and inside.

    “Wow Scottie, I think that would be the new record for short distance handicapped walking.” Apparently Greg was already in the car. “You should try out for the Handicap Olympics.”

    “When are you gonna stop making fun of my blindness?”

    “When I run out of jokes.” Knowing Greg, that will be never. I hear the driver seat shut and the car starting to leave. I still have no idea where im going.

    “Hey Lily? Where are we going?” Maybe I’ll get her to tell me this time.

    “You’ll find out sooner or later.” Or maybe she wont tell me. “But this is your true final test to see if you’ve mastered walking blind. We’re taking you to a place where it is the hardest to figure out where to step.”

    Greg than added “It’s like your gonna have to use echolocation to find your way around the place.”

    “Echolocation, that’s a big word for you to use Greg.” I might as well come back with a mean comment, he deserved it.

    “You know what you should just...” Lily interrupted him.

    “We’re here” It’s like she didn’t even want to mention us arguing this time.

    “We’re where?” Last time I was gonna ask.

    Her voice got really happy. “We are at Lilycove cave!” Lily was born at the hospital right next to the cave, that’s why her parents named her Lily. This place has always been very special to her. “Your final test is to make it though this cave without falling in one of the mini ponds” There was always these holes that we’re in the cave that we’re filled with water and colorful fish, Lily nicknamed them a while ago mini ponds. “ Now there are lights in there for me and Greg to see, so we’ll guide you around the deep holes.”

    We walked down some cement stairs to what im guessing is the entrance. I put my hands up to feel the door in front of me. It was cold, like ice. I reached down to where the doorknob was. Turned it, and the test began.

    Walking though the cave is easier than I thought, because im basically walking a marked path. Lilycove Cave is a Tourist attraction, so many people can come in and out of here as they pleased. Strange, I don’t feel anyone else here other than me, Lily, and Greg.

    It is dreadfully silent, step after step, each one carefully stepping down, making sure to not step in a mini pond. I anxiously want to get out of here. This silence is very nerve racking, It’s so quiet I can hear myself breathing. And every step I take echoes off the walls like a person yelling off of a tall cliff. The silence was finally broken when I heard some rumbling. This doesn’t feel right. The earth below my feet feels like it’s vibrating. “Lily?”


    “Did you feel that?”

    “Feel wha-” The ground started rumbling and shaking even worse. “Oh crap, its an earthquake!” She was right. I had to do something.

    “Lily! Greg! Come here and hold on.” I took Lily by the arm and im guessing she held on to Greg. I used my other arm to hold on to the wall that was near me. The ground shook below everyone’s feet, I kept loosing my grip of the wall because it kept moving. Finally after what felt like an eternity, the shaking stopped. “Everyone ok?” I had to make sure they were all fine. I only have a slight headache.

    “Um, yes and no.” Greg answered, but not in his usual playful voice. “Yes we’re fine.”

    “So what’s wrong?” If they was fine then why’d he say no?

    “The lights are broken, the earthquake must of cut the power off. We can’t see a thing” we have to get out of this cave, but how? Wait a second, I have an idea.

    “You two, one of you take my hand.” Lily automatically took my hand in hers. I kind of saw that coming if you asked me. “Now lily, take Greg’s hand.”

    “Now what?” She asked back, probly trying to figure out what I was thinking.

    “Im gonna lead you two out of here.” The only thing is, im not sure if I can. Oh what am I thinking, of course I can. I mean, im used to the dark, they aren’t. Now all I have to do is focus on where I place my feet using my walking cane to my advantage.

    Carefully I used my right hand to use the cane. CLACK! CLACK! I followed the sounds exactly where I struck them, and guided Lily and Greg with my left hand. My headache seems to have gotten worse, man what I would give for an aspirin right now. After about 10 minutes, Lily spoke up.

    “I see the exit, we’re almost there.” Finally some good news. I make it to some concrete stairs. And I head up them until I make it to the door. “I’ll get it!” Lily barged in front of me, almost making me fall down the stairs. She opens the door and we make it outside. After walking into some grass we sit down finally to rest and eat some lunch.

    “Lily made sandwiches for everyone.” Scott talked, while he chewed his 1st bite. “Here’s yours.” I reached out for the sandwich and grabbed it from him. I cant help but feel this pain in my head “Hey you okay?”

    “Yeah, my head is just hurting” I was lying, it wasn’t just hurting, it was a throbbing pain. It hurts like heck. “Oww!” I dropped my sandwich and clenched my head. suddenly my head felt really funny. “Lily?”

    “Scott!” I feel really dizzy now.

    “Lily...head...call...9...1..1” I lose all feeling in my body and fall over, my eyes close. I can hear Lily’s voice crying. It gets quieter to where I can barely hear it.

    “Hello! Send an ambulance, it’s my friend, something, just, something is wrong, someone please get here, NO,SCOTT, please get an ambulance, the address is...” Her voice fades out.