• Its been three months since we last seen each other. we had so many problems that we
    split up in to our own separate worlds. it all happened when we first met in the mountains on the north side of Oklahoma. i was there for only for a few days and i decided to take a journey up the mountains. starting to stroll through the woods i get a chill going up my spine. so i start to look around the area.

    as i get deeper in the woods i feel a cool breeze coming from the north.so i started walking further that way. as i a walk the breeze gets warmer. i knew i was getting closer. soon after an hour went by i began to smell bar-b-q. and boy was i hungry!!! so i fallowed the smell to a little cottage. it was a cute little house too. soon the door opened, i ran in to a bush and watched a dog come out with a tall dark hunk. he was beautiful. i swear he was glowing in the sun light.

    soon his dog started to bark towards my way. i got scared so i ran. soon i couldn't breath and ended up passing out in the middle of the woods. soon i began to hear a voice, and a dog but i couldn't make things clear. then it all went black. i ended waking up on a cough by a warm fire, with a lovely dog watching my every move. then a guy kept coming by asking for my name and if i was alright. i soon jumped up and asked him what happened and why was i here? he told me that i passed out in the middle of the woods and carried me all the way back to his house to bandage me up because i took a very nasty fall when i passed out.

    so i told him that my name was Victoria. so he told me his name. Jeremy was his name. soon we started to have a nice conversation about our lives and why we came to Oklahoma.
    i am here for research on the mountains. but he was forced to live here with his only family.
    his dog holly. they have been together since Jeremy was five years old. he won't tell me why he was forced to live here, but he did give me clues and i cant wait to investigate!!!!
    to be continued........................