• Making My Own Fairy Tail
    Chapter 1

    I woke from my slumber, screaming again from the horrid dreams that haunt me . I turned to my alarm clock, it was 2 o'clock. It seemed to be becoming a pattern. Everynight for the past week I'd wake up to the exact same nightmare. I got up and went to the bathroom. I flipped on the light , and what i saw in the mirror was scary. My red hair in a tangled mess of a pony tell and a few stray strands stuck to my neck from sweat. My pale skin was paler than usual ,and there were dark circles under my eyes. I splashed my face with cold water and went back to bed.

    When i woke up the next morning i felt drained. I threw the covers off me and made my way to the bathroom. I started the shower and let it warm up. I took my Invador Zim pjs off ,and stepped into the shower. The hot water running over my skin felt good. My mind kept going back to my nightmare. It wasnt all that clear but still. There was this boy ,i could never tell what he looked like ,but he seemed protective ,and he always seemed to be afraid. I dont know of what ,or why he just was. he had his arms around me. His touch was always cold ,but i didnt mind ,it seemed normal. I was happy. I wanted nothing in the world but to be in his arms. But then he was gone ,and i saw him fighting someone. I coulnt see who. As i said, the dream wasnt clear ,but who ever it was, they were winning the fight. The boy who made me so happy looked to be getting weaker, and then the boys opponent would pull out a dagger and go in for the kill. I always woke up right before the knife plunged into his heart.

    I turned the shower off ,and dried myself off. I looked in the mirror and my eyes looked my awake ,but my body didnt feel awake. I towel dried my hair the best i could. I went and put on a blue Hurley shirt , skinny jeans ,and Converse. I headed down stairs to the kitchen. My parents were gone. They always left early for work and came home late so it was like having my own place ,which wasnt bad but i got lonely sometimes.On my way out the door i grabbed my MCR hoodie ,and was off to the hell hole called high school