• Chapter 10: More Info

    Brad waited patiently outside the dark building that was hidden inside the alleyways of the city. He crouched uncomfortably behind the dumpster that was covered in graffiti. When he saw headlights, at first, he panicked. He got overly worried that someone would see him, although he was perfectly hidden by the shadows around him. Once he noticed it was Ralph in his car, he took a step out. He opened the passenger’s door of the small, beat-up car. No wonder he never drives this one around. “Go to the hotel and park there for now, I’d walk with you, but I have to wait here to make sure nothing happens,” Brad ironically instructed to his instructor.
    When Ralph returned, he was carrying three books with him, all indicated with bookmarks of different color. “Ready for this? They’ve probably been spending time figuring out how to chain her. If you chain her wrong, she won’t be able to use certain powers. They’ve probably figured out her weakness by now, too. You do understand that if we don’t act right, the world will end, perhaps sooner, since the men who are in charge will probably want to act before we stop them if they see us,” Ralph said, evaluating the situation. As he rambled on, he was changing his clothes so they were completely black, as Brad did the same.
    “Wait, if they use gold to stop her from using her power to escape, how would she be able to use her power at all and give them what they want? Wouldn’t she be left powerless?”
    “Good question, since that’s what I wondered, until I did some research. Apparently, if you use a certain chain ‘recipe’, she is forced to do your will, which is also what is buying us time to rescue her. It has to be made of ¾ gold and mixed with ¼ silver. There can’t be anything else in it at all, or else it won’t work.”
    Brad pulled the mask over his face, concealing his skin so it would not be the thing to point them out to the people who lie ahead. “Ready to make the move?”
    “Wait, one more thing. If you make it to her, be sure to reassure her that it’s you, and show your face. Oh, and either break or unlatch the bottom left chain first, then work clockwise. If you don’t follow you, she will be under bondage for the rest of her life. Be careful and gentle. She’s probably stressed and scared, so use extreme caution, ok?”
    “Understood. So, um, I hate to ask, but what’s the plan?”
    “Well…” Ralph briefly looked around, thinking. “Get in, get her, and get out. Just remember the three ‘gets’ and we’ll be fine. Ready?”
    Brad laughed a little at the ill-prepared man. “As ready as I’ll ever be, at least with those instructions,” he lightly joked with a smile.