• “Do you know what it means to feel like God?” This is the thought that passed through Mathias as he slumbered in limbo before his time to return to the Divine Wonderland known as Silviara. However, he did not know where these thoughts came from. It’s as if it is being influenced from an outside power. As a half breed Mathias’ eternal struggle puts him in the middle of light and darkness. Every millennium, Mathias awakens and is faced with the decision to align himself with the divine light of Minerva or the eternal darkness of Legion. If he sides with Minerva, Silviara will enter an age of prosperity and peace. Mathias will sacrifice his dark power and will become purified. However, by doing so Mathias will become mortal and die, and will thus have to wait another millennium before regaining his powers. If aligned with Legion, Mathias will gain even greater power but Silviara will burn and become a baron wasteland, becoming a training ground for Legion’s immortal army. At least this is what is believed and passed down through the generations.
    “Minerva I implore you, Legion must be destroyed before the half breed awakens. His powers have grown stronger since his banishment to the nether realm. Even as we debate this, Legion is using more of his influence on the half breed as the millennium approaches. You have sensed it just as well as the rest of the sages sitting before you.” Minerva silently sits in her throne as these words are spoken by Rauru sage of Justice. “Rauru if we destroy Legion it may affect the balance that sustains the half breed and we may all perish!” Argued Titania the sage of totality. It was rather normal to the other sages that Rauru and Titania argued. Of all the sages Rauru was the most hard headed and was very hard to persuade otherwise if his mind was already made up. Titania, although respecting Rauru, would always go to arms with him in efforts to make him realize that justice wasn’t the only right in this world. “Titania if Legion lives our world will always live in constant danger of him and his vile shadow lords.” The sages sat and listened intently to Rauru’s argument as he was the oldest sage next to Minerva. Rauru had survived many battles against the Shadow Lords and had the scars to prove it. “You foolish man you mustn’t forget that if the balance of this world is broken it can be the end of us and everything we know!” The 6 sages begin to argue amongst each other, siding with both Rauru and Titania.
    “Silence all of you!” shouted Minerva. “We will have order in this counsel.” In an instance all the sages sat down in silence. Minerva began to stand out of her golden throne and began walking towards the other sages. She is the embodiment of beauty, love, and nature. As she walked towards them she held out her hand and within thin air a butterfly was formed. This insect had one golden wing while the other red and began to fly around the room as the sages looked on. Suddenly Minerva snapped her fingers and the red wing disappeared causing the butterfly to spiral to the crowd. The sages looked on as the insect struggled to take flight again. “Even with the clip of one wing this butterfly is now crippled and will only survive for a short period of time. Destroying the king of the shadow sages shall do the same to Mathias. Our world of peace and tranquility could never survive without his full power. Where there is light there is always darkness as where there is good there will always be evil. Without one the other will cease to exist.” Rauru stared intently at the butterfly and pondered Minerva’s words. Deep down he knew she was right but still believed there was another way; he only needed to discover it. Minerva signaled it was time for the offering to the half breed. “I, Minerva, the Sage of light and noble servant to our god, Mathias, commence this ceremony of obedience and sacrifice so that you may live again and bring our land into new millennia of peace and prosperity.” Minerva then opened the portal to limbo revealing the sleeping half breed. There in the endless void Mathias slept inside a transparent orb waiting for his time to come again. Although the sages have done this ritual for millions of years they always stare in wonder and awe. From far away Mathias appeared to be a normal human, however, up close you can clearly see his divided halves. The right side of Mathias’ body looked like a normal man; however, his left side bared these black markings from head to toe. These marking pulsed, changed shapes, and constantly showed images of demons from deep within Mathias’ soul. The sages then began to surround the orb all holding there hands up to offer there sacrifices.
    “I, Minerva, Sage of Light”
    “I, Rauru, Sage of Justice”
    “I, Titania, Sage of Totality”
    “I, Pious, Sage of Courage”
    “I, Arora, Sage of Earth”
    “I, Jocule, Sage of harvest”
    “And I, Griswold, Sage of Life”
    “Offer a peace of our power to you for the benefit of our world.”
    As the sages said this, a small orb of light ascended from each of their hearts and soared directly into Mathias. Mathias’ right side glowed with a golden aura symbolizing the acceptance of this offering. And with this Mathias’ light half grew stronger.