• "Hey guys i totally don't know what we should do today". coco said anxiously as she stared
    at the four walls she and her three pals were to stay in for a short while as the people of gaia rebuild from the gronbie epidimic that the grunnys caused ."what?" gwee said questioning as he
    looked away from the T.V. he constantly watches . While in the corner grunny chews the heads off his stuffed animals with no interest in the conversation at all . "I know!" said kiki with a yawn
    looking at coco from her favorite napping spot . "We should play yo mama". "whats that?" gwee and coco both said looking at each other in curiosity at what the furry feline had said and quickly
    came to where kiki was laying . Grunny quickly followed with a stuffed hippos head in his mouth finally interested to find out what everyone was talking about . "Ok , so first i'll demonstrate, gwee!" gwee looked at kiki in confusion " Yo mamas so fat,she's huge". "Well thats rude" gwee said somewhat angry. Coco and grunny giggled in the background. "no silly
    i don't really mean it;its a joke". " Ow o.k. " said with relief . " You try" "alright" gwee said with a gulp "coco yo mama so ugly she birthed out you" grunny fell to the floor laughing while kiki's
    jaw dropped as she watched her sister about to blow. "what did you say?" coco said with anger.
    "Um well it was a joke right" gwee said as he looked into coco's yellow about to kill him eyes.
    " You are so gonna die you stupid little dragon" . "Ow no" gwee ran in horror as coco reached
    for his throat with her claws . Kiki and grunny watched in amazement as coco chased gwee
    around the room yelling and throwing grunny's stuffed bears everywhere. Grunny's laugh instantly became an anger outburst as he chased coco trying to tear her tail off for throwing his precious chew toys all over the floor. Kiki then walked over to her favorite spot and said with a yawn "Me and my ideas" as she then watched the three scrambling on the floor then finally closed her little blue eyes to sleep.