• “Please, take it, go!” She whispered frantically. He held the one thing he never thought possible, in his two mere mortal hands. He stood, staring at it, in awe. “Please!” She urged. He blinked, shaken out of his shock.

    “But, where?” He asked. She looked frantically around.

    “I don’t know, anywhere! Somewhere! Not here! Please…” She started to slump to the ground, blood pouring through the hole in her chest.

    “But, wait, I-!” He couldn’t finish the sentence. She closed her eyes, as the darkness closed in. He looked frantically around, wide eyes finally locking onto her nearly lifeless body, lying on the ground. He bent and gave her one last kiss, and as he did so she whispered into his ear. He nodded, then tucked his precious charge into his jacket and ran away, hunched over it. The creatures stopped at her body, growling and snarling, paying no attention to the figure in the distance, running for all he was, for all he ever would be. The creatures sniffed at the hole, running their noses around the edges of the heart-shaped tear in her flesh.

    Tucked between his arm and his body, concealed within his jacket, was her heart, warm. Alive. Beating.

    "Keep it safe." She had whispered, with her last mortal breath.