• Ella Nominil was relaxing outside on a starry night when she saw a falling star.Ever since she was little she wanted to see stars up close.She ran all the way to the the star.When she got there star she saw this was no ordinary star.It was glowing a light blue color.When she got near it the tempereture got lower.She went up to it and touched it.She started to get cold and ice covered her skin.She could move but not fast.she made it to her house.She was scared because her parents might be awake.She stepped inside and with a great deal of luck her parents were sleeping.She went to her bed and fell asleep.When she woke up she felt much warmer.She started her day like she would but when she got to school it was much more silent then regular days.She checked all classes and no one was there.She finally noticed that it was a SATURDAY!She went to her friend Leo's house to talk.He said something like that happened to him to.