• From a window from a hospital.


    "yes son"

    turend around answering me

    "I'm I going to die soon right"

    "No! no your not! Don't say that!"

    He was mad but I knew what was going to happen to me.

    "lies. I know."

    "what are you saying!"

    now this time my mother scold me as she put her hands on mine.

    "the rank one is coming to today to talk to you"

    "yes he should be coming here right know"

    "lies. all lies maybe in my dreams"

    I heard a knock from the door.Then the person came into the room.

    "hey! nice to meat you!"

    this got to be a dream! he was with some few guys standing in front of me. He even shock my hand!

    "well. I almost bacame a rank three but I was so pro they didn't have a chance."

    "thank you for coming! its so nice to see you!"

    "but how can you become rank one?"

    "aum wait" as he think for a little while.

    "I got it! ok so there is this one guy and he is rank five yes?"


    "but if he is rank five then i'm rank one"


    "there is some people say that i'm rank 8 but they don't know whats coming at them"

    "well think about it i started at rank 17"

    "it was hard. i used to get beat up by rank 12. after that i went to rank 9s house but he always said "dude wtf its 4 in the mornig can you please go home. please."

    wow even he had to start at the bottom.

    "hey Malzel"

    "what was i last year"
    "what am i this year"
    "what if i was 2nd"
    (if he is second then isnt he second)

    "do you think i can be 1st?"
    I bet people are pissed just because he is 1st.

    "wait "
    as he takes out his cellphone

    "what there is someone thats saying that im second!"

    "what rank is he? 7 got it ! how is he saying it?"
    "will be right there "

    "sorry i need to kil..i mean take care of business"

    he shock my hand and ran off.
    "sorry he's allways like that"

    ...after a week he was sunk into the ocean.