• "Uwah!” Kagura awakened with a shout, “Wha, what happened?”

    Dazed and confused, she looked around at her surroundings, trying to understand the situation.

    “My room? I’m in my room? Does that mean…?”

    Quickly, she turned her eyes toward where she thought had been attacked.

    “No blood…” she said to herself, “Hm, no bandaging either…”

    Kagura sighed in relief. “It was just a dream…”

    Grumble, grumble…

    “Oi, but the pain is not!” she said, clenching her stomach, “I’m starving!”

    Kagura stretched and plopped right out of bed. Lazily, she made her way towards the mirror. Now in full view of the mirror, she could see her entire body: a slender stomach, curvaceous hips, and a well-developed chest that would make any man cry.

    But the image can only be seen in her mind, denying the reality. Her face was plump and cheeky, her arms and legs covered by a layer or so of fat, her butt oozing within the confines of her pants, her stomach and breasts pleading to peek out of her shirt’s limits. Despite her hefty form, a kind-hearted girl with the power of the king of beasts dwells within.

    Upon changing out of her sleeping clothes, Kagura made her way towards the mess hall to fill her empty belly.

    Along her dash to beat the master’s bell signaling for breakfast, she spotted a young man who seems to be waiting for her.

    “Len!?” Kagura shouted out instinctively.

    She took a quick glance. Upon seeing her friend to be the same determined, hot-head that she is used to, she let out a sigh of relief, as if the belt strapped on her pants had snapped off to give her growing, prominent mid-section room to breathe.

    “Kagura, where’ve you been?” Len demanded, slowly synchronizing with her pace.

    “Sorry, sorry! I had a pretty weird dream…”

    “Hm, weird dream…? Gah, it doesn’t matter right now, we gotta move!”

    “Right, right! Come on, race you there!”

    Kagura dashed forward, moving further ahead.

    “No you don’t!”

    When they finally reached the mess hall, they were gasping for air.

    “Oof… Looks like you got me this time,” Len panted.

    “Well, I have been training,” Kagura giggled, ambling towards her favorite seat at the table.

    “Just don’t get all cocky now, all right?”

    “Okay, stop worrying, will…” Kagura stopped in her tracks, causing Len to bump into her.

    “Ow! Why’d you…?” Len also stopped, his jaw dropped.

    Laid out before them was a sight to behold, a meal like no other. Near the ends of the table were the side dishes: Rice, pickled vegetables, and freshly-made okonomiyaki. Towards the middle of the table lay the some of the more exquisite dishes: Chicken grilled to perfection and drenched with teriyaki sauce. Slabs of beef, the size of one’s fist, even freshwater eel, made into unagi. But what caught the attention of these two the most was what lay in the center of the table, appearing as a radiant jewel compared to the rest. It was a large bowl, filled with their favorite dish of all time: pieces of dough that have been treated with a hint of oil, containing so much beef and pork that it can be barely held within the limits of its floury boundaries.

    “Dumplings,” the two drooled in unison.

    “Oh, look! A note!” Kagura exclaimed, noticing the letter beside the dumplings. “Let’s see…”

    Len and Kagura,

    This was all prepared for you two, and no one else. So eat up, enjoy, and don’t leave a single scrap behind.


    “… Well,” Len questioned, “What are we waiting for?”

    “You’re right, chow time!” Kagura answered gleefully.

    And with that, the two sat down and grabbed everything in sight, ignoring any calls for formality. Their only desire was to eat all the food that they had been given, and nothing else.

    After the breakfast bash, Kagura and Len were fully content.

    “Oof… that was such a good meal,” Kagura proclaimed, rubbing her stomach. “Too bad we can’t skip practice today.”

    “I guess so,” Len agreed, “But if don’t train, we won’t get any better, much less work off all this food.”

    “I guess you’re ri~”

    Something on the table had caught Kagura’s attention. “Is that…?” she questioned.

    “That what?” Len asked.

    “It is! There’s another dumpling!”


    “In the bowl! And it’s a big one!” Sure enough, there was one more dumpling in the bowl.

    “Well then, guess I’ll go ahead and eat it,” Kagura hummed.

    “Wait! Why do you get the last one?” Len demanded of her.

    “Well, I spotted it, so I should get it, right?”

    “Well, maybe so, but you had more than me!”

    “But I’m still hungry!”

    “Maybe if you didn’t eat so much…” Len stopped. Kagura’s face winced.

    “Are you saying I’m getting fat?!” she shouted.

    “No!” Len stuttered, trying to turn his gaze away from her slightly protruding belly. “Well, yes… No wait, no! Maybe a little bit… I mean, no!”

    “No, don’t even bother! Take the stupid dumpling!”

    “No Kagura, please! I didn’t mean anything like that!”

    “I don’t care! Besides, maybe it’ll help you get better at fighting!”

    Len’s face dropped, “What…?”

    “You heard me!”

    His face began to darken, “So… you think you’re better than me?”

    “Well, you do seem to have been slacking off lately,” Kagura puffed.

    “At least I’m dedicated to my training!” he retorted.

    “Doesn’t seem like it!”

    “You…!” Len was furious. “That’s it! You think that just because you’ve gotten stronger that
    you can push me around? Well I’m not takin’ it anymore! We’ll settle this later!”

    Kagura was shocked at this display of anger. Never in her life had she ever seen her friend so enraged.

    “And here! Enjoy your damn dumpling, you fatass!” Len chucked the dumpling at Kagura, bouncing off her chest and landing in her lap. Afterwards, he turned around and stormed off.

    “Wow… I must have really screwed up this time…” Kagura thought to herself, “But still…”

    She winced as she bit into the dumpling, her belly pushing up the confining shirt. “I’m not fat...”
    II(>^_^)> (Kirby brings in the second part~)II

    Later that evening, Kagura tried to comprehend the past events in her mind, but ended up falling into a deep, eventful slumber.

    A maniacal man emerged from the depths of darkness, his sight set upon a little girl. “Keh, keh, keh…” the devil-like man chuckled, letting his axe sway from side to side.
    “Dinner time…”

    “No!” the girl shouted.

    Out of nowhere, a boy appeared, standing in front of her.

    “I won’t let you!” the boy shouted.

    He rushed in, but the attacker knocked him aside, as if he were a helpless dog. The man moves forward, but is blown back by another young man’s fist.

    “Get back!” he shouts. Frightened, the demon man fled, his axe trailing between his legs.
    The girl was still in shock, but calmed down upon hearing someone chant to himself.

    “Stronger… I have to get stronger…”

    Kagura woke up, rubbing her eyes. “That nightmare again.”

    Unable to go back to sleep, she got up and walked toward a chest contained with onigiri, rice balls. She grabbed a couple, taking a bite out of one. Immediately, her stomach bulged, but she no longer felt tense. She was pondering on a word that seemed to hold a lot of meaning.

    She whispered to herself as she took another bite of her rice ball. “…Stronger.”