• When I "woke" up, everything seemed to be floating around. Bright, flashy, neon colors were adorned everywhere, making it look like some neon party.
    I scrunched up my eyebrows, watching as a bright blue passed in front of me. I put out my hand, to feel the sensation of the color passing through my body.
    It was icy cold, wet, and it sent sadness spreading into my entire body. I let my gaze travel everywhere, watching colors mix with one another or just staying a single neon blob.
    Suddenly, a pitch black blob started to move in, pitch black with small hints of icy blue came towards me.
    It stopped adruptly as it came about 2-3 feet away froom where I stood on the neon, lime floor, and it started to take shape.
    It took me while, it seemed almost like a child's guessing game. The question was hard but simple to answer.
    What would this be? was the question.
    I don't know... was the answer.
    I opened my mouth, and tried to speak, but nothing came out. I tried again, and nothing. Determination sparked inside my chest as I kept trying, over and over and over again.
    I wasted good breaths of air to try and speak. I tilted my head as I suddenly realized what the black blob was; the pierceing blue eyes were like daggers and seemed to stab me even if they didn't touch me or were near me, the black fur was like a cold, starless, and moonless night seeming to surround me.
    I felt my whole body shake suddenly, and I let out a small wimper as it drew back its wide mouth, wider than a crocadiles, to reveal sharp and many rows of teeth.
    It finally spoke, for the first time.
    "Foolish human, trying to enter the dream world. Do you know who I am? Hm?"
    I was stunned, frozen and couldn't move. My left index finger twitched and so did my left leg, itching to ran as fast as my legs could manage.
    "Of course you can't answer, it was I who can and that controls your dream world," he growled, seeming to answer my question of Who the hell are you?!
    I gasped silently, of course no sound came out, and took a few steps back. He did the opposite and took two steps forward.
    I suddenly made out his figure, after being scared by him, it took me some time to realize what his shape and form was like.
    He was almost like a wolf, a large 14 foot long and 10 foot wide wolf. I let out a small smirk; it seemed to be like Little Red Riding Hood
    And then, the big, bad wolf followed after Little Red Riding hood...
    He smirked as well, seeming to copy everything I did. I froze suddenly, looking back to see the end of the neon lime floor. It was like a cliff, if I stepped back any further, I would die inside my dream...
    But would I wake up if I did?
    I let out a scream, a supposed to be blood-curling, full of pain scream, and fell the opposite way, away from the cliff.
    He was on top of me, and I felt weak and vulnerable underneath his large, hairy, black body.
    I closed my eyes, and hoped he would suddenly choke on my arm bone or my leg bone if he were to eat me.
    I don't want to die inside my own dream with this stupid thing on me and eating me! Please god, please help me!