• I keep looking through my window hopeing that she will come, but she doesnt. Minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days and still no sign of her. Did she move house? Or does she not like me anymore? I ask myself these questions over and over trying to work out the reason, but I cant.
    Its now been three days since i last saw her, I begin to worry about her, was she hurt? Or is she just grounded? I wonder as I press my face against the cold, damp window, listening to the rain tap against it, I find it hard to cope now. I start slitting my wrist in depresion and guilt, thinking that its my fault that shes gone, but still dont truly beleve that anything bad has happened to her, or at least thats what I try to convince my self. I keep searching for a reason, I read the news paper everyday to see if there was anyone else that had noticed her disaperance, but no one has, its like no one cares that shes gone, am I the only one that truly cares about her?
    I had to find her, it had been five days now. It might have been raining but I did not care. I went to all of the places were we would always go to be alone and just talk, but there was no sign of her. Not in the park, not in the bus shelter behing the super market were wed always go, she was gone, I had given up hope of findeing her now, so I started to walk back home.
    As I was passing a row of big, green bins I hear crying comeing from behind the bins. I move them aside and I see her, my face lit up with happynes and delight. I had found her, she had cuts on her face and she was half dead. I took her to my house and I gave her some food and washed up the cuts. She said she ran away because her parents did not like the fact that she was emo, so she left, and they did not care. The next day we went out to the park. We just sat on the swings for hours just talking about anything and everything.
    As we were wal;king back home the rain started falling again, so we started running, laughing as we splashed in the puddles of water. I could not have been more happy at that time, that day. And it stayed like that for a few days, but as always, good things never last.
    Her parents found out that she was at my house and they came over and just took her away. No fighting or careing about mine and he feelings. I tryed looking for her everywere all over again. Her house was up for sale now as well and i asumed the worst had happened. So I realy did give up all hope.
    It has been two months since that week. And I still remember it like it was last week. I have not seen her or heard from her ever since, meaby her parents have took her to another starte? Meaby she has had enough of me? Some things are best left unawnsered.