• At first... I thought it was just a dream. Everytime I closed my eyes it was the same vision. A barren empty wasteland would always surround me. No trace of life whatsoever... but then the same black clouds would form over me as two dark eyes looked down on me. Everytime they would blink I would automaticaly wake up in a cold sweat. Where am I? For awhile I have lived in this small room with a food storage underneath me. It was comfortable. I remember my daddy telling me not to come out until it was okay. He set a little clock next to my bedstand saying that I could come out when the clock started ringing. It's been... god I dont know how long. It was right after my fifth birthday. I had grown so much in here. I look alot like my older brother Lyle, black hair, finely shaped body and the gorgeous green eyes that my mommy always loved.
    Once again I had that dream... I miss my mommy and my daddy. I miss my friends... my grandma and grandpa... I miss my dog Scraffles. Luckily I had Mr. Bear Bear, a gift from my daddy.
    All of a sudden... I heard the thing i've been waiting for a long time to hear... the ringing. Before I could do anything the door opened by itself. I smiled and picked up Mr. Bear Bear and walked towards the door. I peeked my head outside to see a dark, lonely office. What happened? When I came here there were people... lost of people. Working, chattin and using those weird computer boxes. But now there was nothing but cobwebs and rotting chairs. I stepped out of the room and scanned the area.
    "Mommy? Daddy?" I called out. Suddenly I heard rattling. I turned around and saw nothing but darkness.
    "Hewwo?" I called out I scared. I wanted my mommy and daddy. I held Mr. Bear Bear tightly.
    "Who there who there?! Who there who there?!" A voice called back "I hear some critter! I hear some critter! Oh what oh what could it be?!"
    I walked towards the voice and a light shone on me. I squinted but looked to see something rather scary. A skeleton hooked up to a machine with wheels, a monocle and a top hated stared at me.
    "Well what do we have here? Have here?" The skeleton spoked "Human? Human?"
    "Hooman?" I asked "What hooman?"
    "Hooman? Hooman? I thought you were human. Human." The skeleton cackled.
    "You talk funny Mr. Skeleton." I giggled but I still felt nervous around this person. My mommy always told me to never trust strangers.
    "Mr. Skeleton? Mr. Skeleton? I am not Mr. Skeleton. Mr. Skeleton." The Skeleton cackled... I could hear the bones rattling "My I am Skeleworth. Skeleworth I am. But who are you? You?"
    "Scott." I giggled and showed him Mr. Bear Bear "And this is Mr. Bear Bear."
    "Well hello there Mr. Bear Bear." Skeleworth said as he poked Mr. Bear Bear's belly "Pray tell how long have you been in that room? Room?"
    "I dunno." I said truthfully.
    "come. come... you have missed much, much." Skeleworth said as he took my hand and led me towards the door. We wound up on the roof of the building. There were no clouds in the sky.
    "Come come." Skeleworth said as he pulled me towards the ledge of the building "Look down. Look Down."
    I gasped and held Mr. Bear Bear closely. The whole place was... destroyed. Buildings were on the floor, lots of peices of buildings were on the ground. There was not a soul besides me and Skeleworth... if he has a soul.
    "Where... where is everyone?" I asked as he sat down and hugged my knees.
    "They are dead, dead. They all killed themselves, themselves." Skeleworth said simply "A man created me, created me. To help you. You. He told me to wait for you. For you. To come out of the room. Room."
    "Daddy?" I asked and sighed "I want my mommy..."
    -To be continued-