• My story was simple [hence the was], almost as simple as any other being. You’re born, you live, you die.[I never go to the die part. [I never got to the die part. but I did get close, several times] Then I guess I should of stuck to the old saying, ’Be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’ But just as I was, I was curious. I wasn’t at the right place, defiantly the wrong time, and I’m not quite sure what I was doing.
    I’m Alex, the one with a hidden past about to be revealed. ‘It was the middle of the school year,’ or so you might hear, but my story starts at the end of 9th grade. September in Eureka, California. As I said, I was a non-talkative person. I only had one friend –and three guys friends, Danny, Mike, and Deon. But that’s all I think of them as – her name is Elizabeth, but I call her Eli.
    Eli had a minor crush on a boy at our school. He had reddish-brown hair, green eyes, pale, and kind of in the middle of a strong yet not so ripped as his big brother [the football player]. His name was Eric. There was a lot of rumors about his family so she didn’t even try. But I didn’t care about everyone around me. After school, I usually wandered out into the near-by woods and climbed my favorite tree with the most amazing view of the lake. And I would spend hours reading. I usually went alone.
    One day I was walking to my tree and heard noises, but soon found it was just my feet.
    Then I heard it again but I wasn’t walking. “Who’s there? Who are you?,” I asked loud and worried. Then I heard a grumbling sound. I stepped back and stumbled over a stump. The stump was harder than usual, and cold. That’s when I noticed it wasn’t a stump at all. It was two cold, hard, hands with a firm grip. I scrambled to my feet and looked back to see who it was. But I saw nothing.
    I looked around frantically and asked again “, who are you?” Then I saw a silhouette of a familiar figure. Then another. There were four familiar ones, but more familiar like someone my eyes just wandered on in a crowd. Then they stepped forward and disappeared. All of sudden I was on the ground again stomach down. This time the hands weren’t there to catch me. Instead I saw eight feet by my head. I scrambled to my feet again [this time I felt more clumsy then usual] and ran straight to my tree.
    Once I was there I was able to make my way to the lake where my grandpa docked his boat, I usually felt safer in water than on land kind of weird huh? I tried to find my grandpa, but I just found his boat. I looked around to se if I was safe. I heard the grumbling sound again and fell on the boat. I put the keys in and drove it out to where I usual went scuba diving with my grandpa. I sat there to get my thoughts straight.
    I know exactly what I saw and what I heard but I couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together. Was I just imagining it again? Doubt it, I don’t have that big of imagination.
    There was a bump at the bottom of the boat, but it was just a fish. I turned the boat back on and headed to the docks and parked it once again. Satisfied it was just me imagining it.
    Once I got out of the boat, the growling began again. I decide to just do the same thing I do in school, I put my bag over my shoulder and wandered back home.
    I made it almost a block away from my house [but I was still near the house] when the growling began. I fell from the startle and hit my head on the cement. I scraped my hands, I could smell the rust. It made me dizzy. I checked to see if I cut my head. Suddenly another cold, hard hand cuffed my hands over my head and covered my mouth. Only when I notice I was being dragged did I start the screaming it didn’t help since the hand had a very firm grip that kept my shriek in me.
    I new I was going to die but the pain still startled me. It hurt in my wrists, my neck and below my right knee. My shorts made that part bare. It felt like the dentist’s office getting your teeth pulled but instead it was my skin. I still couldn’t scream because a hand was shoved into my mouth. But I did hesitate. Then there was another silhouette but his one spoke. “Stop she doesn’t deserve to die this way.” he said.
    Then the pressure stopped but that doesn’t mean the pain went with it. I swore it got worse, I started to squirm out of there arms but it hurt to much to wiggle my waist. They were holding onto my ankles and my elbows. The hand in my mouth removed itself and I screamed with little effort but still could be heard. It sore my throat so I decided to scream when it hurt to badly. I’d just growl in some places and yell through my teeth in others.
    I was being carried for a short while, then laid on a couch. I cringed to the arms holding me, scared Id be dropped. But in a familiar worried voice “,don’t worry after what we did, you shouldn’t be so afraid. The worst is yet to come.” I couldn’t decode his words considering the fact that I’ve never been in so much pain in my life, and that I had no idea of what was happening.
    So I let him lay me down. After a while the pain decreased enough for me to open my eyes. But I was still in to much pain to move so I planted my finger nails into the sides of the couch.
    Six faces starred at me like they’ve seen a ghost. Or maybe I’ve seen a ghost. They were just so pale.
    There was a blonde haired, blue eyed girl sitting next to a black haired brown eyed man who I could only describe to be like Eric’s brother.
    Then another blonde, but she was short and motherly-looking. She was sitting on a mans knees. He looked very fatherly and kind of old fashioned. He was brown haired and had green eyes.
    Then another girl sitting on the opposite sid of everyone. She had long black hair and blue eyes the shade of a rainy day.
    Then one spoke to me. “Alex,” he said. I hadn’t noticed him. My head jerked to his direction. I still had a frightened look on my face and I know he saw it. I also noticed who he was – Eric. “I’m so very sorry to put you in so much pain. We have a lot to explain,” He said.
    Then the one sitting next to Eric’s brother said, “Hi, I’m Daphane.” She said with a very friendly smile that almost made me feel safe again. Eric’s brother introduced himself as Taylor. The motherly one spoke next, “I’m Alexiea but you can call be Lexi. And this is my husband, Samuel but everyone calls him Sam,” she pronounced. The fatherly one waved. The one next to Sam and Lexi stood up too quickly and I flinched. She walked up to me and held out her hand. “I’m Alyssa,” she pronounced. I was still in pain so I just starred at her hand wondering if I really could move. She got the point and bowed. “what’s going on?” I gasped, though still speaking through my teeth. Lexi answered, “You get some rest dear, we will explain when your in good health.”
    I did as she ordered. As I fought against screaming I thought about what was happening. All I could come up with was I was being tortured but hey were too nice for that.
    The pain almost completely disappeared and I was able to open my eyes again. No one was there this time.