• Chapter Fifteen: New Home
    Lola awoke in a bleak room made of granite bricks. Shackles hung from the walls, some of them bounding Lola in an awkward half lying position on the ground by her feet and wrists. A small bed lay in the corner, next to a door with a barred window. Next to her was a silver platter on the floor, a single red apple lay on its side in the middle. Lola was reluctant to eat it, or even touch it at that, despite her growing hunger.
    “If you are hungry then you should eat. It’s not poison, the apple is fine. I had one myself actually, they’re quite delicious.” Nosaka had her head peering through the window. “Go ahead; I imagine that you must be famished. What from being asleep for the past day or so. I never meant to hit you that hard, I am truly sorry. I was only saving you from that horrid place.”
    “You b***h! That was not a horrid place! That was my paradise! I was surrounded by loved ones and I had Kino with me! You kidnapped me and put me in this hell hole! What kind of saving is this? Let me out! I swear you’ll pay for this!” Lola was trying to stand up as best she could, but the most she could do was kneel and fight against the wall. Her wrists began to bleed; Nosaka came in through the door and slapped her on the face.
    “You ungrateful peasant! You need to learn what is good and who is helping you. They had you brainwashed, and now I must bring you back. You were once my best friend, you always took my side. What happened to the little girl I came to know and love?” Nosaka put her hand under Lola’s chin, forcing Lola to look her straight in the eyes. She moved her face closer, only inches away. “I am going to make you the girl you once were. You will serve me in my new world and you will do everything I say. You are my sister, and now you will be the one to obey my every command. If you so much as slip up in any way shape or form I will have your head mounted upon the wall. Is that clear?”
    Lola spit at Nosaka right in her face. Nosaka stoop up and slapped her once more, much harder, with the back of her hand. She left a bruise on Lola’s face, right under her flaming eyes. “Now now, what do we have here? I’ll have to tame that fire of yours. We wouldn’t want you burning down the whole building now would we? I have just the thing, and it will go perfectly with your new uniform.”
    Nosaka took out a black choker with a stone hanging from it. The stone was circular, with the middle carved out in a cross kind of shape. She put it around Lola’s neck; Lola was thrashing about trying not to let Nosaka put the choker on. But Nosaka succeeded, and all Lola could do was glare at her from under the hair that now covered her face.
    “Now, isn’t that better? I’ll see you again tomorrow, and I’ll bring your new uniform for your new job. In the mean time why don’t you get yourself accustomed to your new room” Nosaka left without another word, Lola sitting there watching her leave. As soon as she shut the door, Lola fell back against the wall and began to cry until she fell asleep once more.