• Mary Anne's skirt swayed around her as she skipped into the diner. Jon opened the door for her and smiled as she kissed his cheek. This was wonderful. If only she weren't the only one who thought that. Jon walked in behind her comfortably, how could he do that? How could he be so calm with their criticizing eyes staring him down.
    "If I were you, I'd have melted about four hours ago." Mary Anne whispered as she kissed him on his forehead.
    "Excuse me," a waiter came up to their table, glaring at Jon, "We don't allow colors in this restaurant." Mary Anne glared and stood up, almost five inches shorter than the man,
    "Well then, you can expect to rot in hell you prejudice pig!" she tried to take a swing at him but Jon stopped her silently, "Jon! How can you just let him say that? He doesn't know what a good person you are or anything! He doesn't know anything! You hear me, sir? Huh? You don't know this man! He's not some kind of monster! He's a wonderful person and you have no right to do that! Your time will come, mister! You will rot in hell for this!" she shrieked as Jon dragged her out of the segregated restaurant,
    "I'm sorry, Mary." he said wiping his hand against his forehead, "I wanted this to be a special month, but... just because I'm black..." he stomped his foot and looked into her clear blue eyes for the first time since they'd been kicked out, "It's all my fault." Mary glared at him,
    "What did you just say, mister?" she poked him and raised her eyebrows, "It's not your fault! It's that racist pig's fault! He doesn't know what a wonderful person you are. He doesn't know you and he had no right to do that." Jon kissed her softly and smiled to himself. Mary was adorable when she rampaged. "Some day, Jon. Some day this will be over, I swear."