• The Spirit of the Wind’s Forgotten Shadows

    The mountains, the pack wolves always explained to their young, had a small whisper among them. Luring you into places where your paw steps would be recorded in years of history.
    For other wolves, unknown of their mountains, the wind would feel eerie and cold, sending shivers from their ear tips to their paws. August winds swam on through the sky, through the pelts of the animals inhabiting the animals below it. It moved down the grass plains, like a wild horse running freely and unstoppable. However times had a different turn of events for this quiet and charismatic valleys with the birth of the ‘evil’ pack’s alpha’s daughter, Cynder.
    Seasons had passed since her birth, but Jacken, the alpha male had forced the stories of the ancient wolves of the packs before theirs to Cynder. Raising her to carry on the traits of every dark wolf that was sent out into the valley.
    Cynder was a hunter, an assassin, by birth.

    Cynder’s dusted red pelt sunk low to the ground in a tight crouch, her paw steps moving with the eerie yet graceful movements. Behind her moved the larger and darker wolves, the guards of her pack of wolves. Her father sent them behind her to judge her training of the hunt. She struck off in a soundless dart a crossed the open plain, her movements symbolized a dark symphony. You knew in your heart she was coming, but you tried to tell yourself she wasn’t.
    Cynder peeled her eyes against the doe that she was after, and after what seemed to be a heartbeat, she was lunged out at it, keeping low to the ground and moving throughout the air at excellent speed for her age. The doe was forced down and slashed apart with wicked turned claws.
    Cynder was a warrior at heart, but at times when she saw the deer being torn to shreds by her comrades, she wondered if this was the life she wanted to lead.
    She grabbed it and dragged it along the plain, standing the deep green blades of grass with it’s dark crimson blood.

    Welcoming the food back in the shadowy lands of the Miaoutar Pack, Cynder and the guards were given first bite at the new deer, instead of the alphas.
    Cynder later wandered into her father’s cavern. ‘’Father, I need to speak with you about the Alacin River Pack.’’ She said heading in without invitation, her head respectfully held low.
    Jacken turned his large and aching head over to her, ‘’Now is not the time, Cynder.’’ He said, his brown eyes bothered by an unknown issue outside.
    Cynder ignored his words, ‘’Father, listen to me. The hunters of their pack were spotted, dotting the mountains. They’re a swarm of pests, are they not?’’ She challenged him bravely. ‘’We must send out a guard or two to patrol the mountains. Our warriors are built on pure strength and merciless technique, surely they’ll take care of them?’’
    Jacken spun his head around, ‘’Do not lead my pack Cynder, I shall take a look myself. There is obviously no prey trouble, so we’ll just leave them there.’’ He hissed,
    Cynder was taken aback, but she decided to continue onwards, glaring up at him, ‘’But, I don’t think that’s-’’ She said, being stopped by her father’s harsh bark.
    ‘’That’s enough!’’ He snapped his deep bark at her. ‘’You know what happened the last time they knew where our pack was, and I won’t risk another important wolf of ours for you to be satisfied in chasing their hunters.’’ He hissed at her before disappearing into the back of the cave, stopping the conversation in it’s tracks.