• Jimmy and The Diamond Castle

    The Wise Old Man

    Meet Jimmy! An ordinary boy.... well, no. He’s not very ordinary at all really. He’s a tiny, little boy who lives in a wall. Now this was just a normal wall inside a house like we see everyday to us... But to him and his kind, it was much more different. The wall to them was a world, a world full of wonder. The king had declared that it was far too dangerous to go and visit different walls so anyone who was seen go out of their wall were punished. Every Sunday morning all the little people would crowd around City Hall and listen to one of the kings lectures.
    “We keep ourselves to our selves” he would say, “We are the people and we will be ready to face another week starting tomorrow!”
    He would say this every Sunday morning, nobody would miss it... well except one and I bet you know who that is. If you guessed Jimmy then well done! It was Jimmy. Every Sunday morning he would miss the Assembly. Nobody really noticed because their was so many people there. All except his parents, they knew that if he wasn’t there, then he was doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

    Jimmy loved adventures, he loved exploring. But he always did the same adventures, explored things that were the same everyday. He was getting bored, he knew he had a chance of getting out. One day.
    On gloomy old Wednesday Jimmy was packing his things getting ready to go to school.
    “Jimmy, have you packed all your things?” asked his Mum,
    “Yes, Mum.” Jimmy answered,
    “P.E Kit?”
    “Extra home knitted panties?”
    “MUM!!!! I’ve got to go!!!”
    So with that Jimmy took off for school. For some reason he knew something strange would happen today. He stopped, then shrugged his shoulders, then carried on walking to school. Later on when he was walking down an alleyway quite close to his school an old man walked out from nowhere and stepped in front of him.
    “Excuse me please.” Said Jimmy,
    “They’re waiting for you boy.” Said the old man,
    “Who is?”
    “The Diamond Castle is waiting...”
    And with that, the old man walked away. Scared, Jimmy ran to school quickly.