• Ok here's
    Blind Love

    I tell him that i love him, he never said he loved me.
    I give him gifts of our love. He gives me love.
    I hug and give him love thats too much for his body. He gives it right back harder.
    We love.
    We fight.
    Hold hands and kiss. Happy? Right?


    He cheats on me with aother. I cry and scream.
    He hugs me and tells me sweet things. I buy his words, blindly.
    I kiss and hug him more wanting him. He hugs back faintly.
    I cry for his love when he's gone.
    He stares blankly wanting only a hug.
    Have i fallen for this fate?
    More and more i want his love.
    He gives his love, and to others more.


    He hurt me.
    Took my heart and broke it in half.
    You can see the damage from my face and eyes.
    How i fall to the grownd crying.
    He wispers something unforgetable and vanishes with my heart forever in his cold hands.
    I sob and cry for this pain to end, it wont.
    So like i will never.
    A blind love.