• Cold! Icy cold water surrounded me. Thick solid ice was above me. Darkness tickled my toes from below. I broke my way through the ice above. The cool air burst into my lungs, burning on the way down. I tried to claw my way onto the ice around me. No matter how hard i tried to pull my way up onto it, i either lost my hold on the slippery surface or it crumbled beneath my wieght., plunging me back into the icy cold water. A numbness was staring to creep into my legs, the harder i tried to keep them moving, the harder it was for me to move them. So i clung there, on a very slippery, very solid piece of ice, suspended in the water. I closed my eyes for a moment.

    I was back in my grandmother's kitchen, sitting at the table licking the rest of the cookie dough out of the bowl. It was chocolatey delicious. The aroma of the baking cookies filled the air. Driving me insane. I wanted so hard to reach out and grab one hot out of the oven, knowing it would almost melt in my mouth, like thye always did.

    I was back at the last hometown hockey game i went to. People all around me were yelling and cheering as the players skated up and down the ice. I sat watching intently, sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate, that sheared my throat with every sip.

    I opened my eyes, with difficulty. I could no longer move my legs, and i could barely hold onto the ice. One of my arms slipped off into the water, splashing cold water into my face. I tried to get it back onto the ice but it was no use i couldnt move it. The icy water was taking it's toll on my body. I was becoming drowsy. I let my eyes fall shut.

    I was back on the shore, looking out across the vast sea of ice. The wind had picked up, it stung my face and my hands. My gloves which had fallen from my pockets moments before were whisked out on to the ice. I placed a foot on teh ice then another. One step. Two. Three. I counted my steps as i neared my gloves. Closer and closer i got. Fifteen. Sixteen. Almost there. Seventeen. Crack and the cold.

    I forced my eyes open for the last time. I knew my other arm wouldnt be able to hold on much longer. within moments it to slipped off and i plunged beneath the water. Adrenaline pumped through my body, but it was no use, the darkness pulled me down, to my grave in a icy cold tomb.