• "Happy emo bunnies?" He sounded really confused.
    Wait, WHAT?!
    i looked up.
    My hazel eyes met his blue eyes.
    I blushed big. Way, way big.
    "Go! Go! Go!" everyone chanted.
    I got up. (OMG! Mikayla! Get ahold of yourself.)
    I was too busy to even look at him.
    Why? Why me? Kota grabbed my hand. I felt woozy. Not like, 'Omg! He touch me!'
    More like a, 'Omg! i know this feeling' Kind of woozy. i fell on the floor. THe last thing I heard was sirens.

    I awoke later to see Sakura in my face. "Oh my god! Mikayla! Are you oaky?!" She asked.
    She looked like she was crying.
    "We- Were you crying?"
    "Yes! You passed out at Rosette's party!"
    "I did? Why?"
    "Well, Alice and Rosalie said, before you got to go in the closet, they felt something, and you looked pale. But when Kpta grabbed your hand, you just fell."
    I turned red.
    "People must think-" I couldnt even say his name."
    "Think, that I like him now."
    Sakura shook her head.

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    -Part4!:"Nah. Weird thing, Kota knew what was going to happen. When he called, he said, 'Come now. Like I said before.' Werid?"
    Yeah. But the mention of him...
    Hurts to my tummy..
    "Hey babe, you okay?" My mom asked sincerley.

    Okay, After that, I went home. My dad helped me upstairs. "Thanks." I slowly closed the door. I continued my last word from my past.

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