• The light of morning spreads into the room, and the boy shrouding his face like as if he he was to go blind. he slips out of his room not making a noise, as if a silent killer on a battlefield. he moves to the wall tail stuck to the wall sweeping the area of the enemy, " hey shinpo!" he falls down " Jane do you always have to yell when ever you see me you might have wocken the whole house,and no one likes you when their tired." shinpo stands up fixing his beanie. " sorry i just forget about other people being here."
    the sun finally rises in the sky. the house filled with 6 people 5 were visiting. shinpo walks to the fridge and grabs some food labbeled dont touch. He looks around the corner and grabs the tin foil covered food. His phones ringtone goes off. he opens it. "Hello?" drop the food before i rip your arm off." he looks around. " i dont know what you are talking about." the line cuts off. joshua turns the corner and grabs the burrito. "This is what i am talking about mutt." his ears go up and then hang. "whatever petter cotten tail you cought me now go deliver some pretty eggs why dont ya." Joushua storms off.shinpos phone rings again he ignores it and goes to sleep. he awakens to silence something was wrong. he runs around looking car is still there but no one is home . he finds janes door cracked open the clock reads 8 P:M. Why is she gone at this time of night. he looks into the room. "What happened?" the room is destroyed. claw marks on the walls and blood on the window sil. His phone rings. "Hello?" heavy breathing picks up and then a blood hurdalling scream. " Shinpo help me! Help me they are threatining to kill me! they already killed Tom." He frezzes " Tom was stabbed he tried to save me. He turns and sees the body of his best friend tom. " oh god... a new voice comes to life on the phone. Unless you want to see her dead too you will come to the warehouse in one hour alone." he hangs up shinpo is struck with anger. Someone pops out at him he cuts the man down with his knife. "Jane!!!!"