• In the center of Greece, there lies a lost and forgotten place, a place that even the gods do not remember... For it has been there since before time began, before the gods were born, before the world was made... Only the stars remember this place, this dark place, this tomb of evil. In this tomb there lies a book, a book of ancient secretes lost to men and gods alike, lost to even Athene. On this book was placed a curse, a curse that took the lives of all men from the great ancient city that it once was, a curse like never seen before or after. For this curse was no curse at all, but a god, a god more evil than Hades. This god's name was Gilattas also known as the last of old gods or the god of all things evil.
    One day, a young Spartan name Orlinnis fell into a deep dark hole. He fell until he seemed to reach the center of Earth, but when he landed he did not die, but landed softly as if many beds of feathers had slowed his fall. As he looked up, he only saw the smallest speck of yellow that may have been daylight. Orlinnis let out a sigh that echoed through the corridors like a fox chasing a rabbit. He stood up and started feeling his way down the hall until a sudden light burst out of the shadows and illuminated the entire room. In the center of the room stood a single pedestal with an closed golden book in the middle of it.
    As Orlinnis stood in awe, the book spoke, "Dear young one please open this book and set me free."
    "First, I must ask why you are in there, for it is obviously a curse from the gods, and curses are easily spread," said Orlinnis with concern.
    "I was trapped here not by the gods, but by three men. I am the older brother of Cronus, Uncle of the current Lord God Zeus; I am the oldest god or goddess still alive. Thousands of years ago, three men, Velton, Mecrow, and Python where powerful wizards, and I was their god. One day, they formed a triangle around me and bound me to this golden book. Before they finished binding it so that I would never be able to be freed, I set a curse on each of them; Velton became the first vulture, Mecrow the first crow, and Python the first snake. The curse made each live forever always chasing each other, always hunting their friend, and still keeping their human minds so as to know what they were doing. All this was because they put me, Gilattas in this book even though I was good to every life form."
    "I feel pity for you Gilattas, so therefore I shall open your book."
    As he opened the book a figure wrapped in a dark swirling cloak stepped out, Gilattas' cloak opened to reveal many rows of teeth as he devoured Orlinnis. 'It's time to take back my throne,' he thought to himself.
    Gilattas, moved like a shadow up to Olympus, when at the top he shoved open the gate with all his strength, and then marched up to the door. Once inside, he saw Zeus on his throne, when Zeus saw Gilattas his mouth dropped to his knee, for he could have sworn that it was his father, Cronus. Zeus regained his senses quickly and threw a lightning bolt at Gilattas, all the other gods and goddesses gasped as Gilattas swallowed one of Zeus best lightning bolt as if it were candy!
    "Poor, poor Zeus, as weak as his father I see. So sad, he won't even put up a good fight."
    "Who are you to insult me like this," Zeus yell with vengeance.
    "Gilattas! God of All Things Evil!" He yelled as he charged at Zeus.
    Zeus was quick, but not quick enough. He took a blow to the chest and fell senselessly to the floor. At the sight of Zeus out cold the other gods and goddesses charge some distracting, some attacking, and a few out cold. Gilattas was too much for the gods to handle in hand to hand combat, so they backed off and started hurling spears, hammers, fire, and even shields at him. A few goddesses called their animal symbols instead for they had nothing to hurl. Poseidon and Hades, still outraged by Gilattas knocking out their brother Zeus, fought hand to hand combat with Gilattas, like wild animals. None of the gods or goddesses were enough; he swallowed everything thrown, absorbed all the punches, and made vital hits of his own.
    Inside Gilattas something rumbled, and tumbled around. Everything he ate started to expand as if someone was pushing them with lightning bolts, and someone was! Before anyone realized it Gilattas exploded into a million-billion pieces, and in the blood and guts stood a young Spartan man holding two lightning bolts. Orlinnis had been transformed into an immortal god by the stomach acid of Gilattas. As he stood over Zeus and poured water over him, he sighed. Zeus saw Orlinnis standing over him and immediately knew who Orlinnis was.
    "Why are you here fair Orlinnis?" asked Zeus as he sat up with a groan.
    "I am here because I fell into a hole, found and opened a book, and was eaten by Gilattas."
    "Well, since Gilattas is gone, you are now the god of magic. You earned it by doing what we could not," he said with a smile.
    All that day and night the gods celebrated their victory, and the birth, or in this case creation of a new god. On that day, the snake, the vulture, and the crow stopped chasing each other and were friends again for at least a single day. Plus, from that day forward Orlinnis lived on Mt. Olympus and in the souls of all who used magic.