• … I was heading toward a dark cavern. It was pitch black out and we only had a few candles for light. I felt scared and lonely here. Twigs from the forest through which we had just passed clung to my clothes. Lady Margret felt that if we stayed too long in one place, people would become suspicious so, we were always on the move. We had only spent a month in the last village, but just and I began to relax, Lady Margret announced that it was time to leave. I was always easily frightened on the road, so I became vigilant to the point of paranoia. I trusted Lady Margret, though, for she seemed to know her way. We moved swiftly for I floated on a patch of green light while she floated on purple one. Usually Margret and I attempted to conceal our powers as much as possible, but we could not afforded to spend another night in the open. Margret and I needed to set up our equipment in order to be able to predict the future and see our enimies. I also had to continue my training in potion-making. We had soon reached the cavern , and Margret announced, “this will be our new home, Renalin!” “As you wish, Lady Margret,” I said, unpacking the bags even as she spoke. I filled the mattresses with grass from outside, brought fresh drinking water, and laid out our gowns while Lady Margret set up the equipment. Later, we went to take a bath in the pond, surrounded by the forest that we passed though a few minutes ago. It was summer so we did not use out magic to warm the water. Lady Margret simply dropped her cloak to the ground, under it she was always naked, for if she couldn’t get her way, she “bargained” by seducing. I, however, had much trouble with my clothes. I gently slipped into the water, and immediately relaxed, slipping and sliding gracefully through the water, for I loved to swim. All of a sudden Lady Margret’s eyes flashed with anger and she whipped around, a rock in her right hand. “Who goes there?” she asked. 2 men came out of the forests with their arms up, wepons dropped to the ground. One of them, the younger of the two, was blushing with shame and he looked anywhere, but at Lady Margret and me. “I apologize, we did not intend to startle you, fair lady,” the other one said. He seemed bolder than the other, and more gruff. “My brother and I were simply hunting for food when we stumbled upon you. I wanted to get a look at the pond, for there are sometimes geese or ducks. It appears that you have frightened them away.” The poor brothers wore ragged clothes and had smudges over their faces. Both of them were sticks. I felt a rush of sympathy, “You look hungrey, perhaps we could provide-“ I stopped short for Lady Margret’s face was turning a furious red now, “How dare you try to fool me with your lies. Who searches for food at this time of night? You were hunting us weren’t you, basterd?! My companion may be easily fooled, but I am not!” She sent a flash of purple his way and next thing we know, he lay on the floor, dead.” The younger brother stood frozen with fear. “It apeers I was wrong,” The Lady said, pointing her hand at the other young man. He looked about my age, and seemed all alone. I was alone too… maybe… he would want to be alone…with me? Either way, he did no wrong and deserved to die not. “Please, spare him! He did no wrong!” I said standing. The boy would have earlier flushed, I knew, but was now to petrified to be ashamed of looking at a naked girl. “He knows our secret,” she said, “he must die.” I was staring at her. “But he did no wrong,” I said, “I could erase his memory instead.” She was angry, I could see it clearly. I was not being my usual, obedient self, and I do not think she liked my rebellious side; but I refused to let it drop. Eventually, out of anger, Lady Margret gave the boy a blow to his arm and told me, “You are mine, Renalin. You must obey me, Renalin! Do you understand that?!” I stood staring at her, shocked.
    “No I do not understand that. I came with you of my own free will! I am able to make my own disisions, it is wrong to kill the man, and I won’t have it!”
    She bound me up in purple strands of light and forced me to watch as she tore the young man apart. I cried so hard that I though my chest would rip open. “I’m sorry!” I would yell in between sobs, “So sorry.” And then I would drown in another wave of them. When it was over she walked over to me and put her hand to my cheek. How dare that b***h touch me?! I looked at her with intense hatred, but dared not speak. “Awww, poor Renalin. You have not yet learned that sorceresses do not save, they kill, Renalin. You are evil, Renalin. You slaughtered your own village, you caused that young man to suffer, Renalin. So many will die because of you, Renalin. You will have no friends among humans, Renalin. They will all depise you for what you are, Renalin. They will try to kill you, Renalin. Do you understand now, Renalin? Without me you will be alone, Renalin.” Alone? Just the thought made me shiver. I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted some body to care about me, to truly love me, and under the circumstances, Lady Margret was the only one who possibly could. I had to make her love me.
    I was training hard, trying to make up my own potion to kill in the most brutal way possible. I needed to do it if she would ever love me. Maybe if I got it right she would give me a hug like she did last year. Maybe Lady Margret really did love me and I just didn’t realize... at that very instant she walked though the door of the cheap little hut we were staying in. “Renalin, I have a task for you,” she said.
    “Yes, Lady. What is it that you wish of me?”
    “Renalin, this is a very large task that I am intrusting you with. By now I trust that you are able to fully conceal your aura?”
    “Yes, Lady.”
    “I want you to go to King Henry’s castle…and kill his son, Edward. Do you think you could do that for me, Renalin?”
    “Yes, Lady.”
    “Good, you will set of tomorrow.”
    “As you wish.”
    I was walking down the road all alone. It was strange, all my life I was terrified to be alone, yet now I felt a sense of relief, like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I never thought I’d actually enjoy being alone.
    “This will be your bedchamber, Miss,” a servant at the castle told me,” I am so glad that you have come. The queen has been so lonely ever since her last dressing maid ran off to get married.” “Thank you for your warm welcome, I am sure my services to the queen will be adequate. My name is Renalin, by the way.” “Nice to meet you, Renalin. My name is Lucinda. Forgive me, I must depart.” “Very well.” I lay all of my things out in their proper places, I felt awkward without all of the magical supplies that Margret and I usually carried with us. I also felt more like a normal person…no, that was not allowed.
    Edward and I sat chatting on the porch. I loved him, and I knew that he loved me. I didn’t want this anymore. I wanted to stop running from who I was. Margret didn’t matter anymore. I would never kill Edward, I would die for him if I had to. I had enough of Margret, but she would soon become suspicious. I had to run, it was my only option, but once she found out that I had no intention of obeying her, she would kill Edward herself. He had to come with me, but the only way I could get him to do such a thing was to tell him the truth. Would he run away like everyone else? I didn’t think so, but Margret said that humans could not be trusted. I would have to tell him.
    I crept up to Edward’s room in the dark, caring a candle and my sorceress staff (mind as well leave tonight too). I was about to knock on the door when I heard a familiar voice. I prayed that it wasn’t her, “…sent here to kill you, my Prince. That woman is naught but pure evil, you have been fooled, my Prince. She wishes to see you dead and stands outside your door as we speak, holding her staff, and ready to strike!” Edward opened the door and the look in his eyes was pure hatred. He was carrying his jeweled sword. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran, ran for my life…
    I sat rocking back and forth, all sweaty on my 15th birthday. This time, though, the relief didn’t come. The dream was still in my head. I had my answer. I knew who I was. I was a person who slaughtered her own village, who invented potions to kill and cause pain, a girl who was easily manipulated… but one who was willing to die for the one she loved… Edward, or should we say Eddie. I remember every detail of my past-life, I can’t say that I am very proud of it, that’s not really how I am now. I have grown since then. I have learned to be myself no matter who that is. This time I will not make the same mistake of trying to be something I am not. I trust Eddie not to leave me, so I will tell him the truth and hold no secrets this time. I love him.
    …The End
    *note from da author: Hey you guys! I hate open endings, but in stories that I really like the endings tend to be bad. The Epilogue is after this but I just wanted to give warning.

    Epilogue: I sat at my desk drawing the newest issue of my manga series for ShojoBeat and awaiting a visit from Angie, who lived nearby, so that we could swap issues. She was also a manga artist. I looked out of the window of the White House and sighed. This was the life that I was meant to have: married to Eddie, and the mother of three beautiful children. Eddie was recently re-elected as president of the U.S.A, and the twins, Laura and Marcy, were heading off to second grade already. Christopher was going to 5th. How time flew. My sorceress powers disappeared around age 18, and I was living a normal life since. It is hard to believe that I am already 35! Even harder to believe, is the fact that I survived high school. Ding, Dong! Angie was finally here! I got the box of cookies from the drawer and called for coffee. This was going to be a fun afternoon.
    The End (4 real this time)