• In the forest there lived a little elf who always was sad she had
    2 magic wands 1 was the white one of the crying horse the ot-
    her is The Bloody War Wand Black and red The white one was
    a power that no one coude destroy and it was named after it's
    main power....But the girl was wild she always stood by the tree
    of life that tree gave her life if she leaves Gaia She will die but she
    said Trees don't work bythere selves there are real dragon fairies
    But When the bloody Invasion started Annula And miko Where
    invadeing gaia Fai the little elf who always was sad Killed her self
    and let out a shriek that destroyed evil in all of gaia Once that happened
    The great fairies Put her tomb in a forest...But thats only the beggining
    Then she raised from the dead Evil was back soo she Combined her
    wands to summon The White Dragon who had a evil heart and a
    Noce heart then the dragon striked and andother Spirit animal
    apeared Called the Quick Sand Horse Who let out a Lava of Quick
    sand The evil elfs Chuckled and summoned The bloody dragon Of
    Stillets but Fai is a legend Her wands are somewhere in the forest
    the one who finds them will be history like Fai thats why her name
    is Saint fai