• -Jan. 1 '00
    Today! Hii! Im Milly Ashford. Im 12 years of age. Plus! I just got you. My dear diary. I have a great life. Me and daddy are gonna go to Japan. Isnt that great? Me? To a foregin country? No way. But Im only going cause, I begged my mom, and begged my dad, cause, -
    Yeah. Im going. Lets not confuse you! (n.n)
    Yours truly,

    -Jan. 14 '00
    Sorry, It took me, until now, to write in you. Reason? Getting ready for Japan, going there, and bringing stuff back hime. And now, here I am! Well, today, my bestie, Kota, is coming. No, I dont like him. But, he's awesome. I love him. As a brother. I met Kota about 2 years ago at the nearby park..

    "JINX! TALLY! Throw the ball at me!" I yelled.
    Thye giggled as they tried to throw.
    "GO FAR!" Jinx called out. "Kay!"
    I started to go far. But a body stopped me.
    "Ooommhpphh!" I blinkily [Yus. I make up words! xP!] opened my eyes.
    "Oh! Sorry, Mister..."
    I helped him up.
    "No, Its okay. I was clearly in the way. My bad."
    I smiled.
    "Wanna play football?"
    He smiled as I was the first friend he made.

    Then it hit off from there. Turns out his dad and my dad are best buds at work.
    So, I got to see him almost every day. But, his mom didnt approve me. She clearly despise me. She said also, "I dont my precious son hanging with a Ashford!" she grabbed Kota, and walked away. Kota pushed her away, and ran to me. "Meet me where we met. At 7pm." (Its 6pm)
    I nodded.
    I nearly cried as he left. (Forcefully by his mom!) My mom gently patted my head and told me, "C'mon. Lets go home."

    But, that was two years ago. Now its 2000! His dad re-married and now, I get to see my old bestie again! Of course we were so estatic when we heard the news.

    Since, our family are extremly wealthy. We're meeting at La -? Whatever, some lame french resturant. (But we arent going there) We're meeting at the carved tree we made two years ago. Me and him wrote our names, and promised to see each other again some day.

    At Longroad park, I sat on the bench eating a fruit bar. (I have to keep my body up in perfermance!) Then he shows up.
    My (Foster) brother comes in.
    "Sis, Rosette is on the phone for ya."
    I quickly snatched the phone.
    "Hello?" I answered in a tone of niceness.
    'Woah! Mikayla, why are soo grumpy?'
    "Im sorry Rose. Im in a pissy mood."
    'Oh. Kay. Well, Im having a party. Wanna come?'
    HOLD ON! -->(Mikayla would sometimes stop to fill you in! n.n)
    Rosette is one of her "friends" that are popular. See? I have no clue why she hangs with me if- No matter. Rosette has strawberry blonde hair, with biig, chocolate eyes, + she's really tall. Like 6'3. I know! Tall! BACK!
    "Uh? Sure.."
    'Great. Oh. Kota is invited. And we're goona play 7 min in heaven.'
    I sat there cold, shaky, and I kept hearing a voice.
    'Mikayla? Mikayla?' I shook my head.
    "Yea? Okay. I'll go." I will reagret it.
    "Bye Rose.."
    I hung up.

    Buh Bye! PART3 IS COMING!! (: